Godology by Christian George

George, Christian. Godology: Because Knowing God Changes Everything. Chicago: Moody Publishers, 2009. 176 pp. $13.99. Purchase at Amazon.com for $11.19 .


Christian George is a PhD student at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland and has written a previous book entitled Sex, Sushi, & Salvation: Thoughts on Intimacy, Community, and Eternity. In Godology, Christian brings his quirky writing style to a new level. Godology is much like a systematic theology for the practical thinker. With chapter titles like Mardi Gras and Icicles and Feng Shui Faith, Christian delves into subjects like God’s unity and God’s mystery (these two topics being the respective subtitles to the aforementioned chapter titles).

With a writing style that borders on emergent, Christian looks at real world experiences to bring to light deep, theological knowledge. His look at God’s creativity, vulnerability, jealousy, love, patience, etc. is refreshing. I have not found another biblically sound, theological discussion on God’s unity that begins with a quote from the television sitcom, The Office.

I can agree with Tom Nettles who says in a blurb on the back cover that “Godology is rock-solid theology penetrated with the urgency and joy of spiritual discipline.” However, I do take some issue with Christian George in his chapter on God’s mystery where he recommends labyrinth walking. I realize that walking labyrinth’s has become a recent craze again, but this is mostly related to the New Age mysticism movement today. I would be very cautious in recommending people begin walking labyrinths given the cultural context in which we find ourselves today.

Nonetheless, I found Godology to be a very enjoyable read and would recommend this book to anyone. More importantly, I can see Godology becoming a “go-to” book for young believers wanting to learn more about this great God who sent His Son to die in our place so that we may be reconciled to Him. I heartily recommend this book with the caveat that the reader be discerning when reading about labyrinth walking.


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9 thoughts on “Godology by Christian George”

  1. I’ve read this book, and would recommend it also, but I struggled with the labyrinth walking too. I would recommend both of his books to the ‘twenty-something’ age group.
    Knowing God changes everything for me. From house-work to minstry,child-rearing and marriage, my focus is always Godward and how does it glorify Him.
    Thanks for this review.

  2. Being raised in a Christian home meant I knew much about God.
    I trusted Christ at age thirteen. It was then I began to know God.
    In 2000 I truly began to find things connecting in my mind enough to truly say that I knew God enough to rejoice in Him.
    Since that time I’ve found myself enjoying life and ministry much more. Knowing God has set me free from legalism and engaged my heart in joy.

  3. I haven’t read the book, but it sounds like a good read. Though I don’t consider myself emergent, I appreciate the style of writing that comes from many writers who do caliam to be emergent. For me, knowing God is the only thing I can cling to in the rapids of life that can carry me away in its currents. Everything else disappoints, but God stands firm. I am going through a difficult period in my life now, and if God wasn’t there, I would have nothing that made sense and would have no hope of future peace or grace. Thanks for the review. I write reviews on my blog as well. Keep it up.

  4. In my 26 years as a Christian, I have found that KNOWING God is very different from knowing ABOUT God. In coming to have personal relationship with God through Jesus, I have found that I have discovered God’s dessire is for fellowship with His creation. I would be interested in Seeing what the book has to say on the topic.

  5. It goes without saying that knowing God changes everything. In fact, our view of God underpins everything other matter in our lives. I have been a Christian for 15 years now and I still find God to be a most unusual God. This is not a demeaning comment, but an honest one. Scripture’s testimony concerning our Father presents us with bewildering accounts of God’s love, mercy, anger, wrath, grace, patience, mystery, and a whole host of other attributes and actions that leave us sometimes dumbfounded, other times in awe and worship. At the end of the day, God is God, He has changed my life, and He is worthy of worship.

  6. After receiving Christ as my savior 14 years ago, I can without a doubt say that God changes everything. I am always so amazed at how God works, and all the blessings he bestows upon me daily. I think the biggest thing God changed in my life is my perspective, I was always such a people pleaser, and God changed that, I only worry about pleasing one person now and that is my savior. As long as I am pleasing God, I know I am doing ok.

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