Noah’s Ark: Thinking Outside the Box by Tim Lovett

Lovett, Tim. Noah’s Ark: Thinking Outside the Box. Green Forest: Master Books, 2008. 79 pp. $15.99. Purchase at for 11.99.


The book begins with the statement that the depictions we have of Noah’s Ark in our church nurseries and in our children’s Bibles do a disservice to our children. We have generations of Christians growing up thinking of these caricatures of happy giraffes and silly hippos in a bath tub made of wood. This inevitably leads to the thinking that the story of Noah’s Ark in the Bible is just that…a story. It couldn’t have literally happened as the Bible claims.

The book ends with the information that the author, Tim Lovett, has researched wooden ships in order to better understand the design of Noah’s Ark and how it could possibly survive. He built numerous models based on the biblical proportions offered and tested them in various weather and wave conditions. From that information comes Noah’s Ark: Thinking Outside the Box. You can read more about Tim Lovett’s findings at his website,

Dividing the book into five sections, Tim Lovett offers much new data on a timeless biblical event. Throughout, he gives an apologetic for a global flood, he shows how Noah could have built the ark given his “prehistoric” tools, and he even states that many have looked in vain to find the ark since it is unlike God to preserve biblical artifacts such as the tablets containing the Ten Commandments.


This controversial book should be read by all Christians. I say it is controversial because many Christians I know do not believe in a global flood. Tim Lovett offers some compelling evidence in this coffee table style book in a way that is appealing to children and adults. My kids were enthralled by the vivid pictures and the “different” looking ark that Lovett designed.

I believe it should be read by all Christians because what is truly at stake in the doubting of the authenticity of a global flood as Genesis claims is that of our salvation. If the Bible would lie about the Flood, then why should we believe it is telling the truth about the dangers of hell and judgment of God? Noah’s Ark: Thinking Outside the Box is a paradigm shifting book for those believers who doubt the reality of a global flood. For those who believe the Bible to be telling the truth, the science behind the Lovett’s book will help to reassure the validity of the story as an historical event. You can purchase a companion DVD as well.