The Shortest Investment Book Ever by James O’Donnell

O’Donnell, James. The Shortest Investment Book Ever: Wall Street Secrets for Making Every Dollar Count. Chicago: Northfield Publishing, 2008. 158 pp. $8.99. Purchase at Amazon for less than $2.

Let’s face it everyone needs the best options for retirement savings plans to save for the retirement years, but not many stop to learn how to most effectively approach saving money. Most of us, myself included, would rather find a stick to poke in our eye rather than discuss money. Still, the Bible speaks more about our stewardship of money than anything else topically speaking. If the Bible speaks more about money, perhaps we should listen. Thankfully, James O’Donnell offers a witty, yet compelling book on investing today for our lives tomorrow.

In eighteen short chapters, most being six or seven pages long, O’Donnell breaks down the craziness of Wall Street into layman’s terms. He looks at the need for keeping a balanced portfolio (he defines ‘portfolio’ and technical terms like silver bullion, etc), he shares the pros and cons of 401(k) and 403(b) investing and deals with how to invest in accordance with your conscience.

Yes, there will be some financial advice that O’Donnell offers that some will disagree with, but his advice is sound…and based upon biblical principles. The Shortest Investment Book Ever is an excellent resource for anyone to read. The short and pithy chapters on investing are a welcomed addition to the subject matter of finance. This book makes a great gift to anyone looking to begin his or her investment career. You can read more about investing at