Try Higher by Trevor Francis

Purchase at TryHigher.comFrancis, Trevor.  Try Higher–The Call to Every College Student.  Oviedo:  HigherLife Development Services, 2009.  192 pp.  $14.99. Purchase at for $9.99.

Trevor Francis, Ed.D., is an award-winning academic counselor, speaker, and founder of Higher International, a ministry promoting spiritual leadership on college campuses. He is married to his wonderful wife, Nicole. You can follow Trevor at Twitter and on Facebook.

em>Try Higher is a short, to the point, book on the calling of every Christian college student. There are twenty chapters and fifteen appendices most of which are less than five pages. Each chapter takes a look at one particular aspect of college life and ends with a biblical perspective and interpretation of that event. He discusses the calling of being a college student, the relationships that will develop while their and the training, experience, and education gained.

Each chapter ends with a “try” section where Trevor offers explicit application of a biblical worldview to college experiences. These sections are most helpful and, if used properly, will help the Christian student navigate the many pitfalls in college. What is more, his use of Scripture and biblical principles are foundational to his understanding of the young Christian’s overall work of impacting others for Christ.

After having read through the first twenty chapters and having a biblical worldview poured as one’s foundation, Trevor offers even more practical advice and resources in the appendices. These offer a cornucopia of resources for making the most of one’s time in college and can be best summed up as an assortment of “I wish I knew then what I know now” lessons. A freshman in college would be blessed to read this book and apply its principles to his schooling.

As I said at the beginning, this book is short and to the point. Because each chapter is intentionally short, the wisdom on its pages will flood the reader’s mind. In this day of blog posts and 140 character updates of life, Try Higher hits the mark in keeping the reader’s attention. You will be surprised by how much you read in a short period of time and then how much you want to re-read various chapters when “life happens” in the dorm room. Try Higher will be a valuable resource for any college student and would make an excellent gift for a high school graduate.

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  1. Trevor’s book is a life-changer for the college student who wants to excel, but needs a flashlight on the path, a compass to make his way up the mountain of success. He challenges young adults to write their own script and not just accept what campus life hands them. It’s the perfect High School Graduation gift.

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