Footsteps of St. Peter by Mac McConnell

McConnell, Mac.  Judean Chronicles – Book 1.  Footsteps of St. Peter: The Early Years. Ft. Lauderdale:  OneWay Books, 2010.  146 pp.  $12.95.  Purchase at Amazon for $12.95 or less.


Mac McConnell is the founder of One Way Productions.  Check out this video to better understand what Mac’s ministry is about:


This particular book, Footsteps of St. Peter: The Early Years, takes a look at the apostle Simon Peter before his encounter with Jesus Christ. You will learn what life was like on the Sea of Galilee as the young boy, Simon, grows up wanting to be like his dad–a fisherman of great respect.

After a tragic accident, Simon is forced to grow up quicker than he imagined. Along the way, you will get a feel for how Simon Peter’s fiery personality was forged. He does become a master fisherman and ship builder but soon realizes there might be more to this life than being on fishing boat for years.


When I was asked to read this book and possible write a blurb for the back of the book, I was both excited and skeptical. I told Mac, the author, that I was not much for historic fiction especially when it comes to matters of the Bible. Far too many writers, in the name of “art” have maligned the message of the gospel in order to sell books. At any rate, I agreed to read the book.

I am no longer skeptical of Mac’s writing. While Footsteps of St. Peter is historic fiction, there is absolutely nothing negates what we do know about Peter from the Bible. If anything, through Mac’s masterful telling of a story, we find that Simon Peter was a real human being just like you and me. He had his struggles early in life in relying on self and trying to please his fellow man (Don’t we all?), but we know from our reading of the Bible that Jesus Christ did save the man from himself and even used him to advance the kingdom in mighty and miraculous ways.

I was impressed with how he drew from a 1st century Palestinian culture and adapted it with a touch of 21st century life. His vivid word pictures bring the region where Christ walked to life in our mind’s eye.


I am hooked on Mac’s ministry. His books, what we are primarily concerned with here at Christian Book Notes, are an excellent way in which we can meditate on our need for Christ. His ability to tell the story of Peter before he met Christ offered great insight into the grace and mercy Jesus showed in calling Peter as an apostle and forgiving him of his sins.

You would do well to purchase Footsteps of St. Peter as well as his Cradle to Cross Trilogy (I will be posting reviews on these books as well). You will want to give these books as gifts to your friends–trust me.

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