Oh Holy Night: The Peace of 1914 by Mike Snow

Snow, Mike.  Oh Holy Night: The Peace of 1914. Nappanee: Evangel Press, 2009.  96 pp.  $8.50.  Purchase at Amazon.


Mike Snow’s articles have been featured in Good News, Quaker Life, Evangelical Friend, and Moody Monthly, as well as many other publications. He lives and works on his family farm as a fifth generation farmer. Oh Holy Night takes a look at a magical night on Christmas Eve, 1914 during World War 1.


I am not a student of history like I want to be–I did not find it interesting as a child growing up and now don’t have the time to study it like I want to. Oh Holy Night introduced me to a historical truce that I had only heard in a Garth Brooks song entitled Belleau Wood.  Author Mike Snow offers a collection of first hand accounts of this Christmas Eve truce.  He shares letters from various soldiers that they sent home attempting to explain what they called the unexplainable and asking their loved ones to believe the unbelievable. Mike also includes letters between two cousins, the German Kaiser Wilhelm II and Russian Czar Nicholas II that shows how they both tried to avoid this senseless war though they failed.

Interspersed throughout the book are allusions to the One who made this miraculous night of peace possible. The Christ child who came to bring peace to the world is the only one who can bring about true peace that lasts.


Mike has edited an exceptional book about one of the more peculiar nights in history. To visualize the unsteady peace at first between the enemies from their own pens is astonishing. One could only hope that a peace like that would be possible in today’s culture of tolerance of all that leads to intolerance of everyone! All of the documents used by Mike are cited and can be found on the Internet. I especially enjoyed the gospel presentation mixed throughout the story.


Oh Holy Night is an excellent gift for the history buff in your family. If they know about the truce of 1914, they will appreciate the first hand accounts. If they are a believer, they will appreciate further the gospel message underlying what took place. If, however, they are not a believer, you will be handing them a 96 page gospel tract! I recommend this book to anyone and not just at Christmas time. The story of the Christmas Eve truce of 1914 is timeless as is the message underlying the events.