One Million Arrows by Julie Ferwerda

Ferwerda, Julie. One Million Arrows: Raising your Children to Change the World. Enumclaw: WinePress Publishing, 2009. 175 pp. $13.95. Purchase at Amazon.


There is a movement afoot within conservative Christian denominations regarding discipleship of children for kingdom purposes.  Julie Ferwerda has added yet another call to discipling your children with one caveat–she is taking it global.


The book is divided into three parts: Gather, Sharpen, and Launch.  Recognizing that the time is short, and the need great, Julie exhorts all parents to disciple their children to impact the world instead of the world impacting their children.  In her part on gathering, she lays out a plan for the parents to chart their own course with their families and to hop on board the one million arrows campaign and challenges each family to own the mission of discipling their children.

Part two guides the parents in gathering the arrows (children) to sharpen them.  She helps the reader to understand how to shape your arrows in your home and beyond.  In so doing, you will ultimately be able to send your arrows off into the world to impact the kingdom of God.

The final part of the book is how to launch your arrows.  This can be a difficult process for all parents while also being perhaps one of the most rewarding times in a parent’s life.

Throughout the book, you get to know Papa–Dr. M.A. Thomas.  He was the inspiration behind the book and the movement, One Million Arrows.  She shares about Papa that

God gave him the vision of gathering one million orphaned and abandoned children, sharpening them as “arrows for God,” and launching them to start one million churches in the these communities of India who had never heard the name of Jesus. He has been faithfully working toward the vision since, and today he has launched 16,000 orphan arrows as ambassors of Christ into India, and planted 21,000 churches.

Review & Recommendation

Julie Ferwerda has accomplished two great goals. First, she has penned a biblical call for discipleship to take place in the home. Second, she has given due honor to a man who influenced her life, ministry, and mission.

I believe she sums up best the heart behind the book. She writes, “I have underestimated what God can do through my kids now” (144). Most parents, myself included, grossly underestimate what their children are capable of at young ages.

With blurbs from Christians like Josh McDowell, Dr. Alvin Reid, and Franklin Graham, Julie has come out firing on all cylinders so to speak. One Million Arrows is an excellent book that deserves the attention of every parent. The book can be used in churches to challenge families to raise their children with the intent of impacting the kingdom in the future. You can learn more about the movement at One Million Arrows.

Julie Ferwerda has a special place in her heart for orphans and has designated that all proceeds from the sale of One Million Arrows be used for international orphan ministry.

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