One Week Off

Since starting this website about one year ago to the day, I am going to take this entire week off from posting reviews on the website.  My family has been living in an unsettled state for over a year and now that we have finally moved into a house (renting) in the community where I am serving as a pastor, I am going to take the next week off from the website to better enable us to settle in to our new home.  I realize this means I will probably take a “hit” on readership, but at this point, I am perfectly content with that.

I do have many, many books lined up for reading and reviewing.  I also have some interviews and giveaways in the pipeline that will be sure to please the reader.  However, I intend to spend the next week settling in for the first time in over a year and doing some personal reading though I am sure I will write about those, too!

God bless and thank you to all who read Christian Book Notes and make this website popular.  Stay tuned–I promise to come back and hit the ground running.

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