The Home Schooling Father by Michael P. Farris

Farris, Michael P. The Home Schooling Father. Sisters: Loyal Publishing, 1999. 117 pp. $8.95. Purchase at Amazon for huge discounts!


The particular book I am reviewing was published in 1999. It has since been republished through a different publisher (Broadman & Holman) in 2002. While some may think this book is too dated to serve any purpose in today’s home school, you are mistaking. Michael Farris currently serves as the chairman of the Legal Department of the Home School Legal Defense Association which he co-founded in 1983.  He is also an ordained minister of the Gospel.


Farris begins with the exhortation for fathers to be the spiritual leaders in the home that God intended for them to be. His next challenge is to help your spouse whenever you are able–even when, no, especially when, you get home from work. The next exhortation is for the husband and father to be the protector of the family. Specifically, he is talking about in the legal battles that may ensue over home schooling.

The second “part” of the book is aimed at the father’s role in preparing the children for life. He spends a chapter discussing how to prepare kids for a career. Here he looks at the pros and cons of attending college. Next, he looks to how to prepare both boys and girls for marriage. Finally, he looks at how to prepare your children to be God-honoring citizens.


This book was the “kick in the pants” I needed. I believe it is a safe assumption to say that I am not the only husband and father trying to figure out what my role is in the home schooling process. Thankfully, Michael Farris offers up a biblically based answer.

Some of his convictions are more conservative than other Christians, but he makes it very clear that he is speaking from his personal conviction and not with the authority of the Word of God (though his convictions are based upon his understanding of the Bible). Nonetheless, where the Bible is very clear, he argues that we must adhere to what the Bible teaches.

This book is a must read for every father whose family is home schooling. All home schooling fathers are indebted to Michael Farris’ little book, The Home Schooling Father.

This is my personal book.  It was not a review copy.