Winsday: Religion Saves by Mark Driscoll

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This week’s Winsday giveaway is sponsored by Crossway Books. We are giving away a copy of Pastor Mark Driscoll’s book, Religion Saves and Nine Other Misconceptions. You can read my review of here.

How to Win

We are going to try something a bit different this week. Instead of sending an email for your entry, please leave a comment below answering one of the following questions:

  • How has Pastor Driscoll impacted your life?
  • What misconceptions have you had to deal with in your own life or in the life of others?
  • Or, you can just leave a comment encouraging Pastor Driscoll in his ministry.

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18 thoughts on “Winsday: Religion Saves by Mark Driscoll”

  1. One of the biggest misconceptions I had was about 5 years ago when I thought God couldn’t use me anymore because I had been so beaten down by the religious establishment. A day on Patmos changed my heart, showed me His heart for me and started a new chapter in our story.

  2. I am one of the young Christian men out there who needed a good, stern, & biblical rebuking from Driscoll. Thanks for your faithfulness to the ministry!

  3. I loved “Vintage Jesus.” Driscoll has a way of communicating truth in a way that sticks. God bless him!

  4. Mark Driscoll has almost single handedly removed many of the old sacred cows of less desirable tradition. Partly through shock and awe, but mostly through a powerful and sound message. His humility to learn from many of the greats of the day (Piper, Sproul, et al) is a lesson to us all. May the Lord bring favor upon me in this contest and peace to all who lose.

  5. Mark Driscoll’s ministry has encouraged me by helping me to remember that I’m not the only young guy who is not caving into the world by watering down theology.

  6. Mark has been an inspiring example to a new generation of ch. planters of how to be biblically faithful and culturally contextualized.

  7. Mark Driscoll has impacted my life in numerous ways. His honesty and truthful handling of scripture always points me to Christ in ways most ministers can’t. When believers and unbelievers alike are looking for truth, Driscoll is someone I always recommend. Blessing on his ministry and family.

  8. I am amazed at the confusion that exists in the world concerning Christianity. Once while on a street evangelism mission trip to NYC I heard a WIDE variety of ideas as to who Jesus was and what one needs to get to heaven. I would love to read this book. Driscoll is a gifted man of God.

  9. I am a huge fan of Pastor Driscoll. I had the opportunity of seeing him speak at the CCEF conference in 2008. Ever since that time I have subscribed to his podcast and listen to him on a regular basis. What I appreciate most about Pastor Driscoll is he is not afraid to tackle the difficult issues most pastors shy away from. He is a wonderful speaker and has been a tremendous blessing to my life.

  10. I first heard Pastor Mark when I was earning a Master’s in Systematic Theology from Dallas. I heard his presentation on the cross and the gospel at a Resurgence conference. This completely solidified my resolve to pursue pastoral rather than only academic ministry, and to fully engage the culture for the sake of the gospel (something I do at my own blog).

    Thanks for this contest.

  11. God used Mark Driscoll to show me that one can be both Reformed AND Charismatic. Also, he gave me hope that we can do church differently…with Christ at the center. Thank God for Pastor Mark.

  12. I am encouraged by Mark’s ministry. He has shown many what it means to be theologically rigorous and culturally relevant at the same time. He has made all of us consider what it means to speak into a fallen culture while maintaining biblical convictions and commitments.

  13. The biggest misconception I dealt with was thinking that by simply hanging around Christian friends I wouldn’t have to struggle with the same stumbling blocks I did outside of that group of friends. That experience certainly helped me delve into the word and pray a lot more.

  14. I appreciate Pastor Driscoll’s strong stand on theology and the truthfulness of the Bible. That is not heard from most preachers today.
    We need pastors who will stay strong in this country.

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