Answers Book for Teens by Hodge and Mitchell with Ham

Hodge, Bodie and Tommy Mitchell with Ken Ham.  Answers Book for Teens: Your Questions God’s Answers.  Green Forest: Master Books, 2011.  96 pp.  $14.99.  Purchase at Amazon for less.


New Leaf Publishers is back again with yet another quality resource.  This time, the work is geared toward teenagers with legitimate questions about life, faith, and why truth matters.

Ken Ham offers some assistance but largely steps back to allow Bodie Hodge and Tommy Mitchell to gain traction as a voice for the defense of the Christian faith.  You can read more and check out a free preview of this work here.

This resource is organized by fifteen questions pointing toward one answer–faith in Christ.  They begin with a list of definitions of a few words that will be used throughout discussion in the book.  After defining these terms, they embark on a fact-filled Q & A aimed at answering some of the toughest (and most common) questions teens have (especially those in youth group).  The book is full of colorful illustrations and pictures designed to give an edgy look to the book.


The questions asked (and answered) in Answers Book for Teens are very common questions that often catch a parent or youth pastor or Christian off guard.  The answers are more than introductory but not so comprehensive as to leave the reader feeling as though they are drinking from a fire hydrant.

I personally found the graphics to be a bit distracting (am I showing my age?).  They seemed at points to distract from the material being discussed.  I can, however, understand the reasoning for the these graphics even if I do not necessarily agree.  The glossy pages do not allow the reader to write in the margins without running the risk of smearing the ink but does make for a very nice resource to add to a church’s library, a youth group or even a home school group.


Once again New Leaf has published a quality resource that would be most useful in defending the faith to a skeptical generation.  Perhaps another effect of this resource would be to get it into the hands of a youth pastor or parent wanting to be able to biblically answer legitimate questions and finding that they were misinformed themselves!  I recommend this resource to youth pastors, parents, and Christians who may be asked some tough questions about your faith.

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