Chronicles of the Broken by Amanda Washington

Washington, Amanda. Chronicles of the Broken. 300 pp. Waldorf: Leeway Artisans, 2011.  $11.95. Purchase at Amazon.


Amanda Washington is a talented writer with a passion to show young men and women (think youth group) a better way. Both of her books to date consist of believable characters and story lines. You can find out more about Amanda here,  or friend her on Facebook.  She has also written Rescuing Liberty an apocalyptic novel.


Chronicles of the Broken is about five teenagers and two adults seeking answers to life’s complicated questions. Each person has a different story to tell with a different set of questions. Through a begrudging offer to a local church, these seven will come together for a week long getaway in the mountains. Pastor James has no idea what to expect other than he believes the Lord has put it on his heart to bring these children together to share with them important truths from the word of God.

What happens during this week is so inexplicable that everyone, the pastor included, must turn to God for answers. Everyone witnessed the fall, but no one can explain the lack of injury. This becomes the catalyst as the rest of the story unfolds. By the end of the trip, each has found a common, though unexpected, answer. It is not, however, as clean and crisp as some would think. You will have to read the book to understand more.


I was blessed to have read this book months ago. I found the storyline to be extremely believable and the characters even more so. As you read Chronicles of the Broken, you will find that you identify with just about everyone at some level. More importantly, you will find that the greatest miracle of all is not in the physical salvation. Rather, you will see that the greatest miracle is spiritual that leads to physical manifestations in word, deed, and perhaps more importantly, perspective.


Chronicles of the Broken will appeal to a younger audience both male and female. It will also appeal to a wide ranging audience. In other words, while it is Christian in genre, it does not bash the reader over the head with the gospel. Often times, and I have been guilty of this myself, well-meaning believers get belligerent with the sharing of the gospel in writing and discussion. While I am one who does believe that the gospel must always be shared, I also believe there is a right way and wrong way of sharing the gospel. Amanda Washington shares the gospel clearly throughout the book without offending the reader though the characters within the pages are offended. As a former youth pastor, I would have liked to have been able to give some of the youth a copy of COTB as it is an enjoyable read with an eternal truth.