Delivered by Desire by Daryl Wingerd

Wingerd, Daryl.  Delivered by Desire: The Encouraging Truth about Christians and Sexual Purity. Kansas City:  Christian Communicators Worldwide, 2011.  148 pp.  $14.39.  Bulk discounts available at the website.  Purchase for Kindle for only $9.99!


Christian Communicators Worldwide is no stranger to Christian Book Notes.  This ministry out of Kansas City has published numerous quality resources and books.  You can read my reviews of most of their books here.  As for this specific book, I was drawn in by the title.  If you will note on the book cover, it reads, Delivered from by Desire.  Having been one who has struggled with sexual sin of the pornographic kind in the past, I am always open to new resources that will aid in the ever continual battle against this most egregious sin.  I was not expecting what I got in the reading of this book.


With seventeen chapters divided into four sections and seven appendices all in less than 150 pages, I confess I was dubious as to the depth in which this book would take me.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  The first section is written to help the reader face the reality of what he (or she) is dealing with when it comes to pornography.  The second section teaches you to despise the darkness, i.e., the sin that is pornography.  With titles of chapters in this section including Marriage Poison and Fool’s Vomit, one can readily see that Wingerd is not pulling any punches.  He wants you to hate your sin for what it is.

The third section enables the Christian to live with the knowledge that he (or she) has already been delivered from the bondage of sin in this life.  The fourth section concludes with what it means to experience freedom.  In this section, the reader is taught how to prepare for the battle.  There is gold in this section.

The book concludes with a litany of appendices that are just as, if not more than, important for the reader to read.  The first appendix discusses the danger of being deceived regarding one’s salvation.  The last two appendices are also more than helpful–a conversation, man-to-man, about confessing (if you need to) to your wife and the author’s personal story regarding his dealings with pornography–a story I fear more can relate to than care to admit.


While reading the book, I tweeted to Jim Elliff that chapter three was worth the cost of the book only to have to correct that to chapter ten and then section four!  Chapter three will help the reader to understand the difference  between the desires of the flesh and the desires of the spirit.  It is here that the reader will begin to see how he has been duped by Satan into believing that victory is not attainable.  Chapter ten is a paradigm shifting chapter for the child of God as Wingerd explains the importance of being a new creation once you have been regenerated and justified through faith in Christ.

The fourth section offers tangible means by which one can deal with the ever present battle of sexual immorality.  The chapters in this section should be read and reread and chewed on and digested so that the soldier in the Lord’s Army will continue to train for the battle.  Finally, I want to commend Wingerd for not really using the idea of “freedom from sexual sin” to hook his readers.  So many resources begin with this promise but fail to really explain the means by which one can actually accomplish this.


To read a book about dealing with pornography from the perspective of being encouraged rather than brow-beaten is to find the cure for what ails you after numerous failed so-called anecdotes.  I have read numerous books on sexual purity and have even contributed to one with edits and recommendations for content and until now, most have failed to deliver what was needed.  That is, a straight forward dealing with pornography as adultery.  As a man, I know you need to read this book.  As a pastor, I want you to read this book.  As a father, you need to understand this book and teach your children.  As a husband, your wife needs to know you are reading this book.  As a Christian, I am indebted to Daryl Wingerd for writing this book.  While there are other quality resources designed to aid the believer in dealing with pornography, I recommend Delivered by Desire above them all.

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