Irenaeus of Lyons by Sinclair B. Ferguson

Ferguson, Sinclair B. Irenaeus of Lyons: The Man who Wrote Books. Edinburgh: The Banner of Truth Trust, 2010. 42 pp.$14.00.  Purchase at Westminster for $9.80.


Sinclair Ferguson is well known in Reformed circles. He is a noted author and speaker and is now working toward helping parents pour a solid foundation of early church history through the children’s series, Heroes of the Faith.


Irenaeus looks quickly at the life of one of the early apologists for the Christian faith. Over the course of 40 short pages, the reader (both child and adult) will be introduced to the central role Irenaeus had in defending the faith against heresy. Specifically, Irenaeus sought to establish the truth of Genesis 1-3 as the foundation for the necessity of Christ.

At the end of this short little book, Ferguson offers a one page bio that helps to summarize the book. He includes a helpful timeline that spells out, I believe, the titles forthcoming in the series. The last word of exhortation from the author concerns itself with the use of the word heroes and the child’s propensity to have heroes.


The colorful pictures help the children to remain engaged to the story. The large print helps the child learning to read continue to read. The adult reading the book will find that in 20 minutes or less, you can introduce children to truly some of the greatest heroes this world has ever known. Ferguson keeps the story of Irenaeus short, sweet, and to the point. In the end, your child will want to reread this book numerous times.


I am so thankful to these children’s books that continue to pour forth from publishers. In a day and age when all our children want is to be entertained mindlessly, we are being presented with resources that will engage the children. The Heroes of Faith series promises to be a wonderful series that you will certainly want to invest in both with your money and your time.