Majesty in Misery, 3 Vol. by C.H. Spurgeon

Spurgeon, Charles H. Majesty in Misery: 3 Volumes.  Edinburgh:  Banner of Truth, 2005.  983 pp.  Each book sells for $24.00.  Each book can be purchased for $16.80 at Westminster Books.


Does C.H. Spurgeon really need an introduction?  If so, he lived from 1834-1892 in England.  He has been called the Prince of Preachers and has the largest volume of writings extant today by any one author due to the publication of his Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit which is a publication featuring all of his sermons.  There are numerous quality websites not the least of which is the Spurgeon Archive run by Phillip R. Johnson.


The Majesty in Misery series is a collection of Spurgeon’s sermons brought together to speak to one topic–the Passion of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  The first volume looks at the Garden of Gethsemane and consists of 19 sermons.  Judgment Hall, the second volume, looks at the time from Jesus’ arrest to his taking up his cross on the road to Calvary.  Over the course of another 19 sermons, the reader will be brought to tears reading how the Christ submitted himself to the authority of man for a time so that we may have Life.

The final volume of the three part series is entitled Calvary’s Mournful Mountain. This time there are 25 sermons included making this the largest though perhaps most important volume of the three.  As you read these messages, you will see why Spurgeon loved Christ so much and why Spurgeon’s congregation (and listeners) grew to love Christ in like manner.


Though the language is a bit different from what we regularly use in the United States, the messages in each will prove edifying to the soul.  The joy of reading (and “sitting under” the teaching) one of the greatest pastors to ever grace a pulpit is both a challenge and payoff.  There is no arguing that the Lord used Spurgeon mightily.  After reading these 3 volumes, you will understand why.

I greatly appreciated having the sermons from throughout Spurgeon’s service as a minister brought together in one location on one specific topic–the Passion of Jesus Christ.  Each sermon is also cross-referenced with the numbering system that has come to define most of Spurgeon’s sermons.


While picking up a 3 volume set of books is not feasible for many, I would highly recommend picking up a book at a time and make reading Spurgeon one of your goals in 2011.  If I could choose one volume to recommend, I would offer volume 3 as that is the most profound of the three and will certainly cause much rejoicing at what it cost God to save for Himself a people…those who call on the name of Jesus.