St. Andrew’s Expository Commentary: Acts by R.C. Sproul

Sproul, R.C.  St. Andrew’s Expositional Commentary – Acts:  You Will be My Witnesses to the End of the Earth.  Wheaton: Crossway Books, 2010.  448 pp.  $34.99.  Purchase at Westminster Books for $22.74.


Acts is the third volume to be published in the St. Andrew’s Expositional Commentary Series. The other two are Romans and John.  This commentary series is not necessarily a commentary as commentaries go.  Rather, this series is a conglomeration of sermons preached by R.C. in the various books of the Bible.  The series strives to give a “big picture” of each book in the context of all of God’s revelation.


Sproul has divided Acts into 62 chapters with each chapter looking at specific passages chronologically as Luke wrote it in the book of Acts.  Dr. Sproul seeks to show the work of the Holy Spirit on a the infant church.  He strives to show that the young church was not perfect as many today seem to think.  His goal is to show that the church was reliant upon the power of the Holy Spirit–something rarely found in the church today.

As you read through Sproul’s understanding of the application of the book of Acts, you will learn how this book applies to the Christian today.  More importantly, you will note some of the glaring needs in the church today.


At roughly 6-7 pages, each chapter is manageable in their own right.  You will be surprised at how quickly you are able to read through the entire book.  Obviously, there will be some differences in understanding the various passages given the denominational barriers we have artificially set up.  That being said, the application of each passage crosses those barriers and builds up the believer to look unto Christ and to seek the power of the Holy Spirit in life.


Many “laymen and women” in the church want to read and study more about the Bible.  They have found that most commentaries are too technical.  The St. Andrew’s Expositional Commentary Series is the cure.  While the technical information underlies the messages, the messages themselves are perfect for the Christian seeking to learn more.  With three volumes already published and more on the way, this series makes an excellent edition to the Christian’s library.

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