Tales of Pig Isle by Joyce Swann

Swann, Joyce.  Tales of Pig Isle.  El Paso: Frontier 2000 Media Group, 2010.  68 pp.  $9.95.  Purchase at Amazon for less.


Joyce Swann homeschooled all ten of her children from first grade through master’s degree programs from 1975-2000. She is a well-known speaker on the subject of homeschooling and child rearing, and for many years she was a regular columnist for “Practical Homeschooling” Magazine. She now writes a regular blog about family and parenting which can be read on her website at frontier2000.net.  She is also the co-author of “The Fourth Kingdom” and “The Twelfth Juror“.


From Joyce’s website:

Joy and Andy McAloon are two of the special children who are born with the gift of Pig Speak. This gift opens the way for them to visit Pig Isle where they are able to help the Pigmeister overcome the problems that he is unable to solve alone.

As Joy and Andy share their faith with the inhabitants of Pig Isle, they also learn important lessons about faith and friendship among all of God’s creatures.

Join the McAloon children for A Pig Isle Adventure as they help the Pigmeister save his best friend’s farm. Also, you get to celebrate A Pig Isle Christmas as Joy and Andy bring the Spirit of Christmas to Pig Isle.


Tales of Pig Isle is a fun little story book.  The stories are ripe with vivid description and engage the children’s imagination in a unique way.  As everyone gets to know Joy, Andy, and the Pigmeister, they will discover that they are enjoyable children and a fun pig.

More importantly, the stories are Christ-centered and teach the children the importance of obeying Him.  While they are a little too long for a bedtime story, they make for an enjoyable read aloud book.


You can get the Kindle edition for $2.99 making this children’s story book an inexpensive alternative to much else that is available.  It was an enjoyable read though perhaps I had a bit too much fun with the Pig Speak!