In Search of the Beginning by Dean Davis

Davis, Dean.  In Search of the Beginning: A Seeker’s Journey to the Origin of the Universe, Life, and Man.  Enumclaw: Pleasant Word Publishing, 2010.   396 pp.  $21.99.  Purchase at Amazon for $17.15.


Dean Davis has written another book entitled The Test that has been reviewed here.  Both of these works are in depth treatments of philosophical matters from a Christian apologetic nature.  Dean has served as a pastor, teaching elder, Sunday School director (with his wife, Linda), Christian bookstore manager, pro-life leader, and substitute school teacher. In recent years, he has worked as the Director of Come Let Us Reason, a Bible teaching ministry specializing in Worldview Studies and Apologetics. He and his wife, Linda, currently reside in Santa Rosa, California.


At near 400 pages, this work is not light reading.  It is divided into seven chapters and three appendices.  It helps that there are numerous subsections throughout.  The first chapter lays out the various interpretations of our understanding of the beginning of the universe.  Chapters two and three offer the Nauralist’s view on the Beginning.  Chapter two gives the position of naturalism from it’s own perspective while chapter three is a critique of the Naturalist view.

Chapter four looks at Pantheism (everything is God) with chapter five gets straight to the point of what Christ said and taught about the Beginning of the universe and all therein.  In looking at what Christ said and taught, Davis outlines the Biblical understanding of the beginning.  Chapter six gives the reader a real good look at the critiques of the Biblical understanding.  Chapter seven concludes the main body of the book with a discussion of what a biblical worldview of the Beginning means for you and me today.

The three appendices are also extremely helpful.  They include treatments on the unity of the Bible (very helpful), Old Testament Messianic Types (again, very helpful) and a discussion of New Testament references to Genesis 1-11 (very eye-opening).  The Bibliography will point you in a safe manner toward other resources to help further your knowledge on the essential doctrine.


I have grown to really enjoy Dean’s writing style.  While he is not “the big name” in apologetics, he offers very well-researched material mixed with well-reasoned and unbiased (insofar as any of us are able to be unbiased) critiques and the like.  He cites everything with great care and detail thus keeping himself accountable to the reader as well as the scientific community (important!).

He does not shy away from topics like evolution nor does he stand on a soap-box and crusade against those who adhere to these theories and philosophies.  Rather, he allows the material to speak for itself and in so doing he lets the proverbial chips fall where they will.

I do wish he would have included an index but completely understand the complexity of adding one to a work so large as this.  That being said, this work remains extremely accessible to the reader and will be one that engages all who have given thought to the beginning of the universe.


While there are many, many resources available on the subject of cosmology, I heartily recommend adding Dean Davis’ In Search of the Beginning to your library.  The end-notes and bibliography will help you to further your study and build your library so that you will be better equipped to handle these discussions…especially in the college classroom!


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