Defending the Faith by Henry Morris

Defending the FaithMorris, Henry.  Defending the Faith: Upholding Biblical Christianity and the Genesis Record.  Green Forest: Master Books, 1999.  266 pp. $12.99.  Purchase at Amazon and on Kindle for less.


I have reviewed a couple of Dr. Morris’ (October 6, 1918 – February 25, 2006) books here.  He was a reputable young earth creationist.  As with anyone who stands for biblical truth, he has been criticized even after his death.  Regardless, Dr. Henry Morris was a man of faith and truth and he wrote to that end.


Divided into eight chapters, Dr. Morris explains the importance of being equipped and ready to defend your faith as a believer in Jesus Christ.  In the first chapter, he speaks of a general defense of the faith.  Chapter two, he narrows the reader’s focus to a defense of Christ.  Chapter three becomes the springboard to which Dr. Morris returns to his first apologetic love – creation.  Chapters three through seven serve that purpose.  Chapter eight concludes the book with a defense against compromises to a literal reading of Genesis 1-2.


I have always enjoyed Dr. Morris’ work and this work is no different.  Before one “tees off” on the Genesis debate, we must understand that this is where Dr. Morris believes the argument must be won.  For if we call into doubt the historicity of Genesis 1-2, then we call into question the entirety of the Bible.  To that end, Dr. Morris is to be commended.

I do think, however, he shot himself in the foot a bit with a somewhat lengthy section on a defense of the King James Bible.  It was only four pages, but, as I read the book, it seemed to me to undermine the rest of the work.  He merely introduces this discussion and, in essence, calls into question anyone who might read anything other than the KJV.

Nonetheless, four pages in a 266 page book do not destroy the veracity of the argument for the historicity of the account of creation.  Dr. Morris defends the faith and in so doing provides a model for all of us to engage Christians and non-Christians on the important matters of Scripture


For anyone wanting to understand the importance of defending the Christian faith, I highly recommend Dr. Henry Morris’ work Defending the Faith.  As with all apologetic resources, we must be in tune with the Spirit and bathe our conversations with those we disagree in much prayer.  We may not always agree on the non-essentials, but the essentials must be affirmed if we are to be genuine Christians.