My Modern Woman by Giscard Nazon

My Moden WomanNazon, Giscard. My Modern Woman: For Men and Women. Self-published, 2012. 60 pp. $12.95. Purchase at Amazon.


My Modern Woman is a poetic essay whose aim is to reaffirm Christian principles while bringing awareness and emphasis on current issues and challenges inherent to both human life and the Christian faith.
This work is one long poetic essay that can be divided into individual poems but when combined teaches one great lesson about life.


First, it must be stated that I am not a huge fan of poetry. This is for no other reason, than I just don’t care to read poetry. That said, Giscard has written a nice little work that will cause the reader to think afresh about issues we all face in this world. The author not only challenges but exhorts the reader through poetry that can both sting and heal. It reminds me of the lyrics from Billy Joel’s She’s Always a Woman where the woman hurts and heals at the same time.


This may be a good book to read for those who enjoy poetry and want to be stimulated to think. You can purchase through Amazon though if a digital edition were readily available for less, it would be read and, therefore enjoyed, by more.