The Genesis Diet by Joseph Vetere, DC

The Genesis DietDr. Vetere, Joseph, DC.  The Genesis Diet: A Complete Wellness Prograpm to Help You Get Well, Be Well, and Stay Well.  Lake Mary: Siloam , 2012.  258 pp.  $15.99.  Purchase at Amazon or on Kindle for less.


Dr. Joseph Vetere is the founder and director of the New York 7 Weeks to Wellness Center.  According to his website,

He would host bible studies in his office for patients and staff. In 1997, the Lord opened the doors of many local churches for Dr. Vetere to minister an evangelistic message from a doctor’s perspective. In 2003, Dr. Vetere saw the need to educate church leadership on the necessity of attaining personal wellness as a key component to the Christian walk. This developed into health conferences across the region and eventually across the country. The “Pastors Health Conferences” and the “7 Steps to Wellness Evangelistic Health Conferences” are the only programs that are faith based and use natural health and wellness education as a tool for community outreach and evangelism.


Divided into twelve chapters with three appendices, Dr. Vetere takes a holistic approach to dieting.  He begins by laying a foundation for why you should not diet not how you should diet.  This, in his estimation, is an important distinction.  The second chapter looks at seven spiritual obstacles to successful weight-loss while chapter three offers eight “success attitudes” to help shape your success.  Chapter four helps the reader to recognize how to make changes that last.  In other words, this is not a fad diet, but a lifestyle change.

Chapter five begins a second section of the book in that from here to chapter ten, the reader is offered the underlying science of how to lose body fat and why the Genesis Diet will work for everyone.  The final two chapters look at personal testimonies as well as an encouragement as to why you will succeed in this particular diet.


While I am not a doctor, I did find his scientific reasoning for the Genesis Diet to be sound.  He makes sense of living life today in accordance with a diet that seems to come from the pages of Scripture.  Again, the scientific reasoning seems sound to me.  My concern was with the spiritual aspect.

On page 35, he delves into the words have power mantra pervasive in the health and prosperity gospel.  He quotes Proverbs 18:21 and states “that there is such power in the words that we choose to say that they have the ability to create life or produce death.”  This is quite simply heretical teaching.  You do not have the ability to create life by speaking it into existence.  Neither do you have the ability to create death by speaking it into existence.  Ultimately, this teaching puts the failure of any diet based upon the “creative words” you speak to yourself.

My concern is that if this particular diet fails, it will also be detrimental to one’s faith since Dr. Vetere ties the diet directly to the person’s faith.  Again, the science and encouragement is there.  The practical tools for a successful diet and lifestyle change are present.  The testimonials of those who have made the lifestyle change are irrefutable.


Because of the spiritual emphasis and the nature of that particular advice, I can only recommend this resource to the most discerning of believers.  My concern is not with the diet itself–as I have said, the science appears to be sound.  Rather, my concern is with the health and prosperity gospel message being proclaimed.  If you do decide to attempt this particular diet, be extremely careful of the spiritual aspect.  Otherwise, I would look in a different direction for a biblical diet.