Advice for Seekers by Charles H. Spurgeon

Advice for SeekersSpurgeon, Charles H.  Advice for Seekers.  Green Forest: Attic Books, 2013.  142 pp.  $14.99.  Purchase at Amazon and on Kindle for as low as $.99.


I have reviewed a number of Spurgeon’s books in the past.  To make this even more sweet, this particular book is part of the Attic Books label under Master Books.  You can read about the other Attic Books here.


Spurgeon needs no introduction and neither does his zeal for evangelism.  In Advice for Seekers, Spurgeon penned a short treatise for those wanting to know more about the gospel of Jesus Christ and in the words of the jailer, what they must do to be saved.  He begins by explaining that you cannot save yourself.  He offers the open invitation to all and then encourages the seeker to continue seeking.  In the end, he explains how one is saved through faith in Christ alone.


Can I add anything to what has already been said about Spurgeon?  I hardly doubt it!  Nor can I say anything negative in what he has written in this work.  In this day and age of “seeker sensitive” churches and people-centered, psychologically-based evangelism, Advice for Seekers is welcome addition to the conversation.  Originally published after Spurgeon’s death in 1896, this reprint shows the importance of the old message of salvation unchanging in its practical application.  The glory of this work is the foundation laid with Biblical precept after Biblical precept.

By the time you read Advice for Seekers you will have a solid, biblical foundation for evangelizing the lost as well as a handy book-length tract to offer anyone seriously considering the gospel of Jesus Christ.


This books deserves to be on every Christian’s bookshelf.  You can buy a number of copies and have them ready to give away to those who are genuinely seeking salvation in Christ.  Spurgeon was a man of God used to advance the Kingdom of God during his lifetime.  Advice for Seekers continues that advancement for today.