The Greatest Fight in the World by C. H. Spurgeon

Greatest FightSpurgeon, Charles Haddon. The Greatest Fight in the Word – The Final Manifesto. Scotland: Christian Focus Publishing, 2014. 128 pp. $8.99. Purchase at Westminster Books for less or for Kindle for $0.99.


I have reviewed a few of Spurgeon’s writings in the past and have always found him to be edifying. This particular “manifesto” was the final address he gave to the students at the Pastors College before he died.


Tom Nettles offers a lengthy foreword that offers the context of this particular address that helps to frame the importance of why “this” is the greatest fight in the world.  The “this” is the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Spurgeon split the message into three parts: Our Armoury, Our Army, and Our Strength.


He spends more than half the work discussing our armoury which is the Bible. Next, he discusses the army. That is, those who are members of the local church and how we are, in essence, the officers in the army and are to act as such when preaching all the while we are looking to the Chief Officer (my wording) for our marching orders.

Finally, and he states most importantly, he looks to the importance of where our strength lies.  Obviously, this is in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Though he spends less than 1/3 of the work describing our strength, the final 9 pages are pure gold and will only have its fullest effect on the reader if the message is read from beginning to end.

Furthermore, this is one of those works where you read the foreword and the introduction one evening and then you read the main body the next.

What makes this work all the better is that it contains the mature thoughts of Spurgeon, who had spent his entire adult life in the pulpit. Here we see the thoughts of a seasoned veteran and one who had fought the good fight for years. As he looks back on his time at the end of his life, he proclaims a battle cry for the weary soldier that should be heeded all the more today.


If you are a pastor, you need to read this manifesto. If you are thinking about going into the ministry, you ought to read this work. If you are serious about the gospel of Jesus Christ, then you, too, will find something in this manifesto that will appeal to the urgency of the work at hand.

I highly recommend The Greatest Fight in the World to everyone!