The Lie by Ken Ham

The LieHam, Ken.  The Lie: Evolution/ Millions of Years.  25th Anniversary Edition.  Green Forest: Master Books, 2012.  220 pp.  $13.99.  Purchase at Amazon and on Kindle for less.


Ken Ham needs no introduction here at Christian Book Notes.  I have reviewed over a dozen of his works as well as having interviewed him for my friend Tony Kummer at a few years ago.  The Lie can be said in one sense to be the launching point for Ken Ham and the ministry the Lord has granted him.  It was first published in 1987 and served as a warning shot about the compromising of the book of Genesis and the consequent undermining of Scripture as a whole.  Twenty-five years later, the work has been revised and updated.


Divided into eleven chapters, Ham begins with the attack on the Christian faith rooted in human secularism.  He challenges the prevailing ideology of evolution and offers a biblical view of origins.  In chapter four, he cuts to the chase so to speak and offers the reason why so many want to deny a literal 6-day creation.  In so doing, he argues, this leads to an erosion of biblical foundations.  As he progresses through this work, he offers practical advice to those who will listen and pleads with the pastors to understand the importance of a literal Genesis.  He concludes with a sermon from 2 Peter 3 that warns against a denial God as Creator.


On one hand, not much has changed in 25 years.  On the other hand, the situation has become more dire.  Ken Ham points to both of these as why the necessity remains to preach and believe in a literal six, twenty-four hour day creation.  Now, twenty-five years later, Ken has the ability to see what he wrote and what has transpired in the church since.  Without saying ‘I told you so”, Ken is able to say “I told you so.”  In essence, while the Southern Baptist Convention had fought and won the battle over inerrancy in the late 70’s and 80’s, Ham ably shows how not taking Genesis as literal history has eroded a belief in an inerrant Bible.


His words need to be read and heeded now more than when he first wrote them in 1987.  To quote another theologian, “a half lie is a whole truth.”  Ham shows that in this book, The Lie.  I recommend this work to all believers including those who do not believe in a literal 6-day creation.  Ham’s work is both logical, concise and consistent with the rest of Scripture.