Coffee Mug by The Banner of Truth Trust

BOT MUGCoffee mug. The Banner of Truth Trust. $12.00.


Yes, this is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but this will be a legitimate review. For the record, the above picture is of the mug sitting on my well loved…ahem…coffee table with a set of books from the same publisher.


From the Banner:

This premium, etched (not printed), 16 ounce coffee mug is the perfect gift for the Banner book reader. Tea could equally be enjoyed with this mug, although its hearty frame lends itself to a stronger hot beverage and you could discover how caffeine affects your skin for the benefit . Dishwasher friendly.

When I first opened the package for this mug, I was very impressed with the quality of the appearance. The etching of the logo and name is striking to the senses. I say senses because you will find yourself running your thumb over the name and the logo as well as find yourself gazing at it.

You may think I am goofy (and I probably am) but I have actually found that drinking from this mug has led me to meditate on past books I have read from the Banner.

Also, the fact that the mug is 16 oz is a huge bonus. Many coffee mugs are 8 oz and some 12, but to find a 16 oz means less times spent refilling your mug and more time reading your Bible or favorite book (from The Banner of Truth, obviously!).

Finally, holding this mug just once and you will discover that it is made from quality material. This mug will not chip easily nor will it spill down the side when drinking.


If you enjoy a good cup of coffee, or even tea, you will want this mug. Those who know me know I am a stickler for a good coffee mug. This is one of the best I own. I am pretty sure it will quickly become one of your favorites as well. At only $12, you cannot go wrong with this mug.