Equanimity by Samuel D. Bartoli

EquanimityBartoli, Samuel D. Equanimity: The Spirit Within. Houston: Halo Publishing, 2014. 326 pp. $21.95. Purchase at Amazon and on Kndle for much less.


Sam is a former Southern California Golden Gloves Boxing Champ. in 1993 he felt the calling to leave the sport and return to writing both non-fiction and and fictional novels in addition to screenplays.


Divided into twenty-one chapters, Bartoli offers a look into his own spiritual boxing match. After hanging up his gloves due to an illness, Samuel embarked on a spiritual journey unlike anything he had ever experienced.

Each chapter is a conglomeration of biblical sayings and quotes from other thinkers throughout history.

From the back of the book:

This voyage led him through a trial by fire where he was face to face with the Devil himself in a battle for his soul. Samuel was a former amateur boxer who had spent the last five and a half years of his life trying to make it from the local boxing scene to the big time as a professional prizefighter. After developing a form of Pugilistic Dementia which he can only classify as a first stage impairment of the mental senses he began to develop: Slowed motor skills, impaired speech, lack of concentration while communicating along with shaky hands and blurred vision. Eventually knowing that this battle was going nowhere he could hear the final bell. Calling out to God, the Creator (Father Almighty) comforted and protected Samuel leading him away from the enemy and into Christ’s saving light. The book is a form of rebirth for any person looking for not only a new way in which to handle their fears or problems but to grab hold of life and truly enjoy it for its beauty and grace for which God has so richly blessed them with.


While the subject matter is of great interest to pretty much every human being, I would caution the reader of the extreme eclectic nature of the book. To add quotes from atheistic philosophers and thinkers in line with Biblical text and other believers is to create a shade of gray when it comes to thinking biblically about life’s situations.

That being said, to read this work at face value – a biography of a man who wrestled with the devil and offers the details of how he overcame – would be beneficial for many. Samuel shows himself to be an over-comer in the pages of Equanimity. After all, “equanimity” means “mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.” That is exactly what Bartoli shows in this appropriately titled book. Gratefully, he also explains the essential nature and importance of Christ.


While the book would most certainly be enjoyed by many, I can only recommend this resource to the discerning Christian given the eclectic quotations used throughout.