Held in Honor edited by Robert L. Plummer & Matthew D. Haste

Held in HonorHeld in Honor: Wisdom for Your Marriage from Voices of the Past. Scotland: Christian Focus Publications, 2015. 144 pp. $14.99. Purchase at Westminster Books or on Kindle for less.


Are you ever disappointed in your spouse? Do you fight? Do you disagree about money, sex, or in-laws? What if the very struggles you are facing were addressed by thoughtful Christians hundreds of years ago?In Held in Honor, you will find 50 devotional reflections on marriage carefully selected from 2,000 years of church history. Alongside each inspiring historical quote is a brief introduction to the person quoted and an accompanying biblical reflection.You are not alone in your marriage. The Lord has provided encouragement, correction, and hope in his Word. Held in Honor aims to strengthen you by pointing you to the promises of God’s Word and by showing you how past generations have applied this life-giving message to their own marriages.


Divided into five sections and arranged chronologically throughout the history of the church, Plummer and Haste offer an historic view of the sanctity of marriage in a devotional format.

The eras include:

  • The Patristic (100-500)
  • Medieval (500-1400)
  • Reformation & Purtan (1400-1700)
  • Early Evangelical (1700-1900)
  • Modern (1900-Present)

Writings are included from stalwarts of the faith like Athanasius, Thomas Aquinas, John Calvin, George Whitefield, and C.S. Lewis. Also, some lesser known writers and theologians of years gone by include The Shepherd of Hermas, Hugh of St. Victor, Anne Bradstreet, Henry Venn, and Thomas Merton.

Each entry includes an extremely short bio, a selection from that person’s writings and a devotion that is meant to drive us to think deeply about our marriage.


Phenomenal! This is a must read for all Christians today. There is such a rich tradition and heritage of biblical marriage in the church and we would all do well to be somewhat familiar with it. Through every selection, the reader will find one common theme: Marriage is a beautiful gift to humanity when understood in light of the God who gave it to us.

This work serves as an introduction for many to the giants of the faith that have gone before us. It will also serve as a wonderful reminder of the depth with which God has blessed those with the gift of marriage. There is truly something in this book for everyone.


I highly recommend this resource to all who are married and those who are considering marriage. The church is indebted to Robert Plummer and Matthew Haste for bringing these writings together in one volume.