My Neighbor’s House by Marja Meijers

My Neighbor's HouseMeijers, Marja. My Neighbor’s House: The Ten Commandments Series. Mustang: Tate Publishing, 2012. 102 pp. $9.99. Purchase at Amazon or on Kindle for less.

Note: I recently found a box that has been unopened since before I moved to take a pastorate in Mexico, MO back in March 2013. Inside that box was a few books I was in the process of reading for the purpose of review. This is one of those books.


I have reviewed another of Marja’s books, Grace of Giving. She and her husband are both active in prayer groups and Teen Challenge-a ministry dedicated to helping young adults overcome addictive behaviors.  You can read more from Marja at her website, Sacred Sabbath.


Continuing her series looking at the Ten Commandments, Marja tackles the 10th in this particular book. Over the course of nine chapters, she looks at what a full life really entails while questioning who is really in charge of “my” life. She then offers a change of direction which involves the Spirit of God.

In the end, she argues that combating covetousness can only be done effectively through the power of the Holy Spirit.


As before, I appreciate her perspective on this commandment. She takes what is often viewed as a negative – after all, God said, “You shall not…” – and shows how it is meant to be more of a positive command in the life of God’s children.

She draws on a rich heritage of Spirit-empowered living that involves complete submission to the Lord because you, as a believer, have been indwelt by the Holy Spirit. It is not sheer obedience that will satisfy. Rather, it is knowing that you have been redeemed by Jesus and having been redeemed, you can, for the first time ever, actually obey the Lord’s commands.

What is more, she shows how obedience is a paradigm shift in the Christian’s thinking.


My Neighbor’s House is a fresh take on the 10th commandment. Not fresh in that it is new, but fresh in that we don’t often think of the positive aspect of the “thou shalt not’s.” I recommend this book to all Christians seriously considering how the 10 Commandments still apply to us today (and they do!).