Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices by Thomas Brooks

Precious RemediesBrooks, Thomas. Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices. Edinburgh: The Banner of Truth Trust, 2000. 256 pp. $9.00. Purchase at Westminster books for less or for Kindle for $0.99.


Thomas Brooks (1608-1680), was a Puritan pastor who, along with so many others of his day, wrote and published many books. You can purchase his 6 volume Works here. At the time of writing this review, this is one book in a series of forty-six in the Puritan Paperback series of which Brooks has four. I have reviewed a few other books by Thomas Brooks. You can read those here.


As with most Puritan books, this work is easily summarized in its title: these are remedies against the devices of satan meant to either keep you in sin or keep you from repenting and trusting in Christ. This work is basically divided into six chapters. The first is the proof of the point in which he shows us the need for this particular book.

The second chapter looks extensively at the devices used to draw us into sin. Here, he presents a dozen such devices and how we can combat against them. Chapter three offers methods in which Satan keeps the believer from his spiritual duties.

The fourth chapter looks to how Satan keeps the believer doubting his salvation though it has been secured by and is kept by Christ. The final chapter takes aim at specific people found in the world. The appendix,which is basically another chapter, offers a hodge podge of additional devices and characteristics of false teachers with a conclusion as to how one ought to wage war against Satan and his devices.


Brooks states in his introduction, “The strange opposition that I met from Satan, in the study of the following discourse, hath put an edge upon my spirit…” I can honestly testify that the mere reading of this work nearly wrecked me. I struggled with sinful thoughts more in the reading of this work than most any other save the Bible.

I will say that it was definitely worth persevering through to the end. I found chapter four, the devices designed to keep a believer sad and doubting, to be most helpful and emboldening to my soul.  Hardly a page goes by in the book that I did not underline or write a note. Oddly enough, the book is worth owning if for nothing more than the table of contents.


I highly recommend this work to all believers. The language may be dated, but the value of this work is in its complete treatment of a subject that is rarely discussed due to the nature of our spiritual warfare. You will be the better prepared to wage the war against Satan when you do.

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