The Pastor’s Wife by Gloria Furman

The Pastor's WifeGloria Furman, The Pastor’s Wife: Strengthened by Grace for a Life of Love. Wheaton: Crossway Books, 2015. 160 pp. $11.99. Purchase the paperback at Westminster Books for less. Also available on Kindle.


Gloria is a pastor’s wife. Her husband is a pastor at Redeemer Church of Dubai, a church that was planted in 2008. She is also a prolific blogger and mother of 4. You can read more of her thoughts at her website.


Divided into three parts with three chapters per part, Gloria explains how to love Christ, love your husband, and love the bride of Christ; i.e., the church.

Each chapter is succinct, not much more than 14 pages and drives home a specific topic within the realm of the specific part of the book. For example, in loving Christ, she challenges women to love Christ despite all the unspoken expectations of being a pastor’s wife.

In the part on loving the pastor, her husband, she challenges the pastor’s wife to seek to do him good and not harm (obviously, this is meant to be an explanation of how to be intentional in thought, word, and deeds). In the section on loving the church she explains what the church is and how the pastor’s wife should seek to fit in as a member.


Gloria obviously loves her Lord, her husband, and her church. She also enjoys a good laugh. This combination is dangerous in the sense that she is able to tackle issues with biblical conviction and a sense of humor that not only gets her point across but also does so in a way that enables the reader to laugh at herself.

Her work is saturated with Scripture and is also offered based upon her own experiences. She offers a proverbial shoulder to cry on as well as a girlfriend to laugh with. She helps the pastor’s wife to overcome the isolation and loneliness often felt by women whose husband happens to be a leader in the local congregation.

Ultimately, she points all women to their need of Jesus Christ. She seeks to help them to see that though they are the pastor’s wife, they are as needy of God’s grace as any member. In some cases, they are more needy. Many pastor’s wives will benefit from reading this book.


I highly recommend this book for all women who find themselves married to a minister. That being said, this book is also for all women who find themselves married or wanting to be married. After all, the gospel is for every one and all men are called to lead their families spiritually.