Faith of Our Father by Dale Ralph Davis

Faith of our FathersDavis, Dale Ralph. Faith of Our Father: Expositions of Genesis 12-25. Scotland: Christian Focus Publications, 2015. 176 pp. $14.99. Purchase at Westminster for less.


Dale Ralph Davis is Minister in Residence at First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC. He has written a number of books – most of which are commentaries or a compilation of sermons. You can find many of them here.


You can judge this book by it’s cover…or at least its title. This is a book of seventeen sermons preached by Rev. Davis on Sunday evenings at the First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, SC. These sermons look at the life of Abraham in the book of Genesis.


One must always take into consideration the context of a book that is comprised of sermons by one pastor to a particular congregation. There is always going to be a foreign element to an outsider reading these sermons as they are often shaped by the congregation and her needs at the time. That being said, this book of Sunday evening sermons is an excellent introduction to the life of Abraham.

Rev. Davis offers practical application with his excellent exegesis as he he looks at the highlights of Abraham’s life.  While I personally felt some of his stories overshadowed the text, I did find them to be entertaining and, ultimately, helpful in bringing the main point he was striving after home to the reader.

Reading a chapter a day, Faith of Our Father, will serve as a devotional that is more meat and potatoes than it is sweets and desserts (as many devotionals are!).


This is one of those easy reads that will have a large impact on the reader for years to come. I recommend this book to anyone looking to better understand the importance of Abraham’s life for our lives today.