Ichthus by Sinclair Ferguson and Derek Thomas

IchthusFerguson, Sinclair B. & Derek W.H. Thomas. Icthus: Jesus Christ, God’s Son, the Saviour. Edinburgh: The Banner of Truth Trust, 2015. 184 pp. $15.00. Purchase at Amazon for less.


While I have read a number of books by Derek Thomas, I have not reviewed any of them to my knowledge. I have, however, reviewed a number by Sinclair Ferguson. You can read those here. Derek Thomas serves as Senior Minister of First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC as well as a professor at Reformed Theological Seminary.

On the back of the book, it states that it is “written by two friends who, between them, have been following Christ for almost 100 years.” What a testimony.


Divided into nine chapters over 180 pages or so of text, the book is arranged to follow Christ’s earthly ministry from cradle to grave and then from the resurrection to His Second Coming.

The book is saturated with Scripture and offers a condensed and concise summary of what Christ accomplished during His time on earth and what He will accomplish when He returns.


Reading Ichthus is akin to sitting in a seminary class looking solely at the person of Jesus through the lens of both Scripture (most important) and two men who have served the Lord for nearly a century. In other words, for the cost of a book, you could legitimately have a seminary class on the doctrine of Jesus Christ.

Written with knowledge and experience that escapes most, Ferguson and Thomas offers the Christian church a wonderfully well-researched yet accessible book. Many books like this offer a section for application or questions for further study. Ichthus does not.

One may think this to be a negative, but as you read the book you realize that the entire book is one of application and one designed for deeper study simply by the questions you will want to answer. All this to say, that this book is one of those resources you will read and reread for years to come because of its meditative nature.


The Banner of Truth Trust has offered to monumental (not due to size, but subject) resources in the last few months. I have reviewed Knowing Christ and found it to be one of the best books on Christ I have read in recent memory. I can safely add Ichthus to this list of books I will return to through the years. I believe you will, too. I highly recommend this book to all Christians.