Like Father Like Son by Pete Alwinson

Like Father Like SonAlwinson, Pete. Like Father Like Son: How Knowing God as Father Changes Men. Greensboro: New Growth Press, 2015. 192 pp. Purchase at Westminster Books for less.


Pete Alwinson serves as Key Life’s men’s ministry expert. He is the founding pastor of Willow Creek Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Winter Springs (Orlando), Florida, where he served for 26 years as Senior Pastor. He has served churches in California, Illinois, Connecticut and Florida. In addition to his pastoral ministries, he has served as an adjunct professor at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL.


Divided into ten chapters over 154 pages of text, Alwinson offers a clear understanding of Fatherhood as rooted in the truths of Scripture concerning God the Father. Each chapter builds on the previous though can stand alone if one is dealing with a particular problem.

These chapters look at the irreplaceable father who knows you and is known by you. This Father is welcoming, gives approval, builds His son’s identity and offers freedom. There are other chapters, but the concept to be found on every page is that our model is in heaven.


I needed this book. As a father, I feel like I fail daily. Truth be told, I do fail daily as a father to my children. I am grateful that I can point my children to a Father who will never let them down and always has their best in mind. As a matter of fact, this book helped me to realize I need to do a better job of pointing my children to God the Father. They often hear about Jesus, who died for our sins, but not about God who loved the world enough to send His Son.

The end of each chapter offers a “take it to heart” section that helps the reader to engage the subject matter at a deeper level. This could be used in a small group setting or for personal edification. While this book could be read quickly, the application will take the rest of your life.

Alwinson’s passion to equip men to be better fathers is evident on every page. His passion to glorify God is even more obvious.


If you are a father or know a man who wants to be a better father, I highly recommend this resource to you. It can be read over a 10-day period almost as if it was a devotional.