The Puritans Day by Day edited by H.J. Horn

The Puritans Day by Day: Puritan Quotations for Each Day of the Year. Edinburgh: The Banner of Truth Trust, 2016. 408 pp. $23.00. Purchase at Westminster Books for less.


Originally published in 1928 by Stanley and Martin, Co in London as The Puritan Remembrancer and was edited by H.J. Horn. It has been reprinted by The Banner of Truth Trust for a new readership in the 21st century.


From the Banner of Truth’s website:

Here in The Puritans Day By Day, this unique selection from a wide range of reading, we have a noble army of memorable sayings. They have been drawn mainly out of the writings of the Puritans, men who excelled in their power of deep insight into both the word of God and the human heart, and who also had the rare gift of quaint and distinctive expression. The compiler of these ‘pearls of wisdom’ has traveled extensively through a wide range of devotional literature, and has provided us with a year’s supply of wise sayings that are as fresh and new as they are piquant and tender.

The Puritans Day by Day will be particularly helpful to young preachers, who would do well to keep this volume, with its careful ordering and its full indexes, close to hand. In days when minds are dull and spirits are weary, they will find it to be a rich source of mental and spiritual refreshment.


Unlike other daily devotionals, this devotional is only quotes by (mostly) Puritans arranged in a topical order day by day. Each day has a seemingly random topic followed by a passage of Scripture. This is followed by anywhere from four to ten quotes dealing with that particular topic.

For example, on 3 April (I choose this date solely because that is my birthday) the topic is Holy Scripture, the verse is simply, “the holy scriptures” – 2 Timothy 3:15. Following are nine quotes from Thomas Fuller, Martin Luther, Thomas Watson, and Richard Sibbes.

As you can tell, this is not a devotional in the classic sense. What makes this devotional valuable is obviously the gathering of the quotes. Perhaps more importantly than that is the three indices at the back of the book. These include an alphabetical list of persons quoted, a canonical list of the Bible passages referenced, and an alphabetical list of the topics covered.


This resource is more than a devotional in my estimation. It becomes an excellent resource for rich quotable material. It is full of great wisdom and insight and will drive the reader to want to know more about the great God they serve. I use my copy for sermon prep (when you need that perfect quote) as well as for social media engagement (most of the quotes are tweetable).