The High King of Heaven by Dean Davis

The High King of Heaven

Davis, Dean. The High King of Heaven: Discovering the Master Keys to the Great End Time Debate. Enumclaw: Redemption Press, 2014.  752 pp.  $34.99.

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In The High King of Heaven, Dean Davis gives us a long overdue systematic treatise on biblical eschatology. Leaving no stone unturned, he interacts with differing views as objectively as possible, challenging each one with the Word of God. While you may disagree with some of his conclusions, it will not be for a lack of Scriptural Support. Though I remain undecided in my own view of the last things, I am now better equipped to further my study of the Bible and to wrestle with the mechanics of our one sure hope regarding the end times: Christ’s glorious return.  Christendom is indebted to Dean Davis for The High King of Heaven.

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