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Book Alert: Chronicles of the Nephilim for Young Adults



I have reviewed most of the Chronicles of Nephilim Series by Brian Godawa and have found those I have to be extremely gripping and vivid. My only caveat has been that the subject matter and stories are for an adult audience only. I am grateful that this is no longer the case with the young adult editions of the books.


From the website:

Chronicles of the Nephilim for Young Adults is a version of the original Biblical Fiction series that has been edited to be age-appropriate for Ages 13 and above, Grades 8 and above.

Fans of the Chronicles know that the original series is rated PG-13 (R in some places). But this version for young adults has edited the explicit descriptions of sin and toned down the violence to be rated G (PG in some places).

But it is the same rip roaring action adventure, romance and spiritual journey about Nephilim Giants, Watchers, and the Biblical Cosmic War of the Seed that will keep you on the edge of your seat and help you see the Biblical narrative with fresh perspective.

I have also taken out the theological appendices from each of the books that explained the Biblical and ancient historical research behind the fiction. If readers want to read these appendices, they can buy the book When Giants Were Upon the Earth that contains all the appendices gathered in one volume with extras.


As stated above, the controversial elements of each book has been stripped from these young adult editions making the story much more acceptable for mature children and teens. Godawa’s ability to vividly tell stories that are well known biblical accounts of historical events and to fill them in with historical accuracy and deep theological understanding will be enjoyed by the junior high or high school student who is not used to reading solid stories that offer biblical truths.

As I have qualified my recommendations for every book in the series, these young adult editions are recommended without reservation. The action and adventure and biblical truths of a sovereign God will be much enjoyed by young men and women alike. I am grateful to Brian for taking the time to address the maturity level so that a younger audience can enjoy his workmanship.


The TIME Approach to Grief Support by Edmund Ng

The Time Approach to Grief SupportNg, Edmund.  The TIME Approach to Grief Support: An Easy Technique for Every Christian.  Enumclaw: WinePress Publishing, 2011.  154 pp.  $18.99.  Purchase at Amazon for less.


Edmund Ng is a USA Certified Thanatalogist grief therapist and is the co-founder of Grace to Grieving Persons Outreach.  This ministry exists to help people deal with the death of loved ones.


Divided into 8 chapters, the author offers a text book of sorts on how to help Christians grieve.  The first chapter lays the foundation of a biblical perspective on grief support beginning in the Old Testament, moving to the New Testament and ending with the culture of the modern church.  Chapter two introduces the acrostic TIME which is what the the book is centered around in seeking to help others grieve the death of a loved one.  Chapters 3-6 explain the acrostic and gives reasons as to how and why this will work.  The chapters are as follows:  Talking the Loss, Issues are Resolved, Meaning is Sought, Ending and Referral.  The final two chapters map out a ministry model of using the TIME approach to grief counseling and a conclusion which includes a challenge to all Christians.


I appreciated greatly Edmund Ng’s biblical approach to grief counseling.  The play on the word “time” as both an acrostic and a reality, is beneficial to both the counselor and, more importantly, the counsellee.  As one who holds to a nouthetic counseling paradigm, I did find just enough “other” foundations outside of Scripture to be a bit concerned, but, I am also aware that this is a debate that rages at a higher plane than this website goes.  That being said, if a person finds himself dealing with the loss of a loved one or is counselling a widow or widower, the biblical support for Ng’s work is prevalent to the point that reading this work will equip the reader to support and guide another or, in the case of the one who is grieving, will equip them to wrestle with Scripture regarding what is happening throughout the grieving process.

Ng’s approach is simple, effective, and contains a depth and reality that I have found lacking in many books on this subject.  He offers many practical exercises and examples to help clarify what is happening and what needs to happen in the grieving process.  At the end of the book, he includes an appendix that lists numerous helpful Scripture references to direct one’s grieving and to redeem it back to the cross of Christ.


While I do fall in the nouthetic camp (Bible alone) of counseling, I did find The TIME Approach to Grief Support to be a quality resource worth having in your library.  In it you will be pointed to a sovereign God who is able.  Often times, that is exactly what the one grieving needs to hear.  In the end, that is the truth we all need to hear and know.  I can safely recommend this resource to all Christians.

Website Alert: Books 2 Look 4

My good friend, Rob Ventura, author of Portrait of Paul, has a new website that will definitely be worth your time.  His website is called Books 2 Look 4.  The website is dedicated to promoting new and upcoming releases by Reformation Heritage Books.

As the website grows, there will be pre-publication sales and give aways.  Also, there will be “sneak peeks” of other works that are in the pipeline.  In other words, you will want to bookmark this site and return to it often.

The first book to be featured is The Broken Hearted Evangelist by Jeremy Walker, review forthcoming.  I have read about half of this book so far and have been blown away, challenged, and encouraged all at the same time.

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Pre-Order Foundations for the Flock by Conrad Mbewe

Foundations for the Flock: Truths About the Church for All the Saints, written by Conrad Mbewe, “the Spurgeon of Africa.”

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Special pre-order offer on our newest hardback release: $15.00(save $11.00)

cover image of Foundations for the Flock
Who is Conrad Mbewe?
Since 1987 Conrad Mbewe (pronounced em-bay-way) has been pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia. He is widely known as “the Spurgeon of Africa” for both his preaching and devotion to the ministry. His church is presently overseeing the start of more than twenty Baptist churches in Africa, often reaching out in communities where there is little or no evangelical witness. In recent years he has been in high demand as a conference speaker and missions adviser. He writes two articles every week for national Zambian newspapers, edits the Reformation Zambia magazine, is President of a small Reformed Baptist seminary, and recently spoke at the national conference for The Gospel Coalition in Chicago, IL, USA (watch video). As a churchman, he has been interviewed (audio only) by Tim Challies of, by Mark Dever of 9Marks ministries (click here for audio), and D.A. Carson of The Gospel Coalition (videos part 1 | part 2). To this day the influence of his ministry continues to deepen and expand. Conrad Mbewe has a unique ability to convey the truth of God’s Word through clear, fresh, and powerful exposition. His pastoral and administrative experience in church matters situates him uniquely among evangelical leaders in the world.  You can learn much more about Conrad, and about his ministry at this website.

What should I know about this book?
The church of Jesus Christ has but one foundation, Christ Himself. But upon thatstone must come basic fundamental truths taught by the Bible. This book is a collection of writings produced throughout the fires and challenges of a quarter-century of pastoral ministry, being written with wisdom, insight, humility, and practicality, in order to instruct and equip the people of God.

There is plenty in this book for Christians in all phases of the Christian walk. It begins with “Your Baptismal Class Notes,” teaching the essence of the Christian faith, the meaning of baptism, and laying out the basic responsibilities of Christians within the church. From there Conrad practically and soundly addresses vital themes and issues in the church such as biblical church government, the Lord’s Supper, the role of women in the church, challenges in today’s pastoral ministry, worship in the church, church and state relationships, inter-church relationships, and specifically those partnering relationships which exist for the sake of missions. There is a sense in which Conrad’s African culture and context, coming face to face with God’s great and eternal truths, helps to shed more light on certain aspects of the church than Westerners often experience. Foundations for the Flock makes a real and helpful contribution to the church. Moreover, while dealing with profound issues and themes, the author avoids overly technical jargon and speaks the truth plainly.

If you like, you can read the foreword by Fred Malone here.

Having read the book, is anyone recommending it?

Tom Ascol, Pastor and Editor of Dear Timothy: Letters on Pastoral Ministry
“Conrad Mbewe gives us the fruit of his thoughtful, experienced, and biblical reflections on the church. He writes as a practitioner whose love for the church has kept him shepherding one congregation for nearly 25 years. With the insight of a theologian and the care of a pastor, Conrad addresses vital themes that every church member and leader must consider in order to follow Christ faithfully. I recommend this book as a helpful manual on practical ecclesiology.”

Erroll Hulse, Director of Evangelical Press
This volume is bedded in Scripture, covers the basics (read the contents!), is amazingly practical, and is eminently readable. I am thrilled to see such a bright light shining in the very heart of Africa. It is a book for all nations, and I hope in due course that it will be translated into other languages.”

Martin Holdt, Rector of the Afrikaans Baptist Seminary, South Africa
“A combination of rich experience, great spiritual enlightenment, profound wisdom, and theological truth that cannot but stir the hearts of pastors and people. When the book is backed up by the author’s effective and so very fruitful ministry, it becomes a ‘must read’! It will make its readers think, act, and even repent where necessary for the growth and health of the church. An absolutely wonderful book for the shelf and the desk!”

Ronald Kalifungwa, Pastor of Lusaka Baptist Church, Zambia
If Conrad Mbewe’s preaching corresponds to that of Charles Spurgeon, his abilities at shepherding must approximate that of the puritan Richard Baxter. For, in typical Baxterian style, he offers to the church of Jesus Christ something of a christian directory. Having laid down the rudiments of the christian faith, he then goes on to open up the ecclesiastical things most surely believed among those of a reformed baptistic faith. Saints from all walks of life, pastors and laymen alike, should find ready help in this eccelesiastical encyclopedia.”

Mark Dever, President of 9Marks (an organization committed to the health of the local church)
Pastorally very useful, especially the thoughtful, long section on congregations cooperating together in gospel work.”

Why should I pre-order now, when I don’t get my book until later?
Admittedly, pre-ordering a book has the disadvantage of paying for the book some weeks before it arrives. But when you do pre-order a book, you help not only yourself, but the publisher as well. On your end, you get the book at a lower price, and you ensure that you obtain a copy as soon as it is available. On our end, we get a better sense of the immediate demand for the title, and can better estimate the size of a needed print run. This helps us to learn how quickly we might expect our print run to last, which ensures that our first printing is large enough for the immediate demand. The benefit of knowing this information is well worth the discount we extend on the pre-ordered copies.

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Crossway Books’ New Rewards Program


Crossway Launches New Rewards Program

April 21, 2011 (Wheaton, IL)—Crossway is pleased to announce Crossway Impact—a rewards program with a mission. If you’re a Crossway reader, Impact provides a way for you to not only benefit from free books, free shipping, discounts, and exclusive offers, but every purchase you make will ultimately support partnering ministries like Revive our Hearts, Desiring God, The Resurgence, IX Marks, and The Gospel Coalition! We’ll send 5% of your book and Bible purchases to one of these partnering ministries (your choice at checkout).

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Crossway is an internationally-recognized, not-for-profit publisher of Christian books, the ESV Bible (English Standard Version), and gospel literature. For more information on Crossway, visit For more information on the ESV Bible, visit


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Spiritual Depression (Hardback) Only Available through Granted Ministries

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Martyn Lloyd-Jones
new edition of Spiritual Depression: Its Causes and Cure



Exclusive PRE-ORDER offer: JUST $19.00!

linked image to spiritual depression website

We’re excited about this latest book from Granted Ministries Press!

As you know, we do our level best to bring you resources that can truly help you. And we think this is one of the most helpful books for several groups of Christians:

1) those who struggle with joy in the Christian life: the reason the author wrote the book was to combat this issue of joylessness. It has done just that throughout the last 45 years. It is as fresh and helpful today as it ever was. The book is full of invigorating truth and real, practical help from the Scripture about how to fight for joy in the Christian life.
2) those who do any sort of counseling with Christians: in any kind of work, one of the most helpful ways to learn is to sit alongside a veteran master and simply learn by watching him at his craft. Lloyd-Jones was one of the most trusted and sought-after counselors of his day. His wisdom and approach create a model from which we all can learn.
3) those who minister the Word, or who aim to do so: one of the best ways to learn to preach is to listen to great preachers; not to steal their style or emulate their way of speaking, but to learn from their method and manner of applying the Word of God.
4) those desiring to more deeply apply the truths of Scripture: Spiritual Depression is simply one of the most remarkable books we have read. As Conrad Mbewe mentioned in a recent video interview, the way in which the Bible is applied to the emotional and psychological issues that Christians face is simply eye-opening to many. Most of the people we know who have read this book were helped in far more areas than “depression.” George Verwer calls it something of a “manual for the Christian life.”

*Due to contractual limitations this book is offered exclusively on two websites in the USA. and Outside of the USA, the book is available from Granted Ministries Press through your local Christian bookstore.

Newest Puritan Paperback: Smooth Stones from Ancient Brooks




Smooth Stones REVISEDSmooth Stones Taken From Ancient Brooks

Selections from the Writings of

Thomas Brooks

by C.H. Spurgeon


“As a writer, Brooks scatters stars with both his hands: he hath dust of gold; in his storehouse are all manner of precious stones.”  So wrote C.H. Spurgeon in his Preface to this book.  He counted Thomas Brooks among his favourite Puritan authors, and it is not hard to see why.  Brooks’ popularity lies both in his subjects – practical truths, central to the Christian life – and in the manner of his presentation.  He is ever direct, urgent, fervent, full of Scripture, and able to choose words which make his sentences stick in one’s mind.
This book is a collection of sentences, illustrations, and quaint sayings from this renowned Puritan.  Gathered by Spurgeon out of the 6 volume set of Brooks’ Works, it remains an excellent introduction to both the man and his writings.
Selections from the Writings of Thomas Brooks
by C.H. Spurgeon
978-1-84871-1136 … 204 pages … $11.00 (U.S.); £5.75 (U.K.)
Enjoy These Selections from
Smooth Stones Taken From Ancient Brooks:
“Sin is bad in the eye, worse in the tongue, worse still in the heart, but worst of all in the life.”
“O how strong is grace!  How victorious over sin, how dead to the world, how alive to Christ, how fit to live, and how prepared to die, might many a Christian have become had they been more frequent, serious, and conscientious in the discharge of closet duties!”
“There is no time yours but the present time, no day yours but the present day; therefore, do not please and feed yourselves with hopes of time to come; that you will repent, but not yet; and lay hold on mercy, but not yet; and give yourselves up to the Lord next week, next month, or next year; for that God who has promised you mercy and favour upon the day of your return, has not promised to prolong your lives till that day comes.”
“There is no such way to attain to greater measures of grace, as for a man to live up to that little grace he has.”
“A sincere heart weeps and laments bitterly over those secret and inward corruptions, which others will scarcely acknowledge to be sins.”
“A murmurer is an ungodly man: he is an ungodlike man; no man on earth more unlike to God than the murmurer; and therefore no wonder if, when Christ comes to execute judgment, he deals severely and terribly with him.  Let him make what profession he will of godliness; yet if murmuring keeps the throne in his heart, Christ will deal with him at last as with ungodly sinners.”
“I think that oftentimes men charge that upon the devil which ought to be charged upon their own hearts.”
“A lazy Christian will always want four things — comfort, content, confidence, and assurance.  Assurance and joy are choice donatives that Christ gives to laborious Christians only.  The lazy Christian has his mouth full of complaints, when the active Christian has his heart full of comforts.”
“True repentance is a gift that is from above; and if the Lord does not give it, man will eternally perish for the want ot it.”

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Special Free Audiobook from christianaudio!

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Hello Terry!

The last several weeks have generated significant amounts of discussion and debate regarding the release of Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived by Rob Bell.

While there are many great resources available on christianaudio that discuss this topic, none is more timely or informative than Jesus: The Only Way to God by John Piper. This powerful & short audiobook illustrates clear biblical doctrines of salvation, the gospel, faith, and hell, and is imperative for thinking rightly about the eternal purposes of God.

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The Holiness of God

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Book Cover Jesus: The Only Way to God
by John Piper
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If the evangelical church at large was ever too confrontational in its evangelism, those days are gone. In our shrinking, pluralistic world, the belief that Jesus is the only way of salvation is increasingly called arrogant and even hateful. In the face of this criticism, many shrink back from affirming the global necessity of knowing and believing in Jesus.

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