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Logic on Fire: The Life and Legacy of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Logic on FireLogic on Fire: The Life and Legacy of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Produced by Media Gratiae. Purchase at The Banner of Truth Trust for $39.95.


It is not secret that I am a huge fan of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981) and was thrilled to see this documentary come to fruition. You can read my reviews of a number of books that have been published from the pen of The Doctor here. Also, look for the interview with his grandson, Jonathan, from 2010. You can find out more about this project at Logic on Fire.


Instead of summarizing the video, check out this video for an excellent introduction to the documentary.


Having read the various biographies of ML-J, I found the allure of this one hour and forty-two minute documentary centered on the various anecdotes from those that knew him personally as well as those who have been greatly influenced by his ministry.

The greatness of his ministry lives on in his many books which were in essence transcripts of his sermons preached during his gospel ministry. This documentary introduces the new reader of ML-J to the man behind all those books. The viewer will get to know him through the eyes of family and friends who lived with him. It is refreshing for the veneer to peel away and see the essence of the man. With ML-J it was a genuine passion and love for Jesus Christ and sound biblical doctrine preached from the pulpit.


Every young pastor should watch this documentary. The fire for preaching exuding from the life of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones is contagious. I pray that it catches many pulpits, churches, and Christians on fire for the proclamation of the gospel and biblical truths the world over. I cannot recommend this work highly enough.



The Way of the Master Intermediate Training Course

Intermediate Course


Back in 2012, I reviewed The Way of the Master Basic Training Course and have used this method of evangelism regularly ever since. Today, I am fortunate to be able to review the Intermediate Course.

I have reviewed a number of Ray’s books and movies and courses and have always found them to be extremely helpful. Of special interest may be my interview with Ray back in 2012.


For $49.95, you will receive the DVD’s, a student book (extras are available separate) and some ice breaker gospel tracts to get you started.

From the back of the DVD Case:

This eight-session DVD course adds critical framework to your foundation. It will teach you how to avoid the devastating pitfalls of producing false conversions. You will learn how to prove the existence of hell, both through the Scriptures and through reason, and what to do when things go wrong. Discover how to witness to a family member or to someone who is gay, how to recognize subtle satanic doctrines, how to refute the theory of evolution (join Kirk and Ray as they take an orangutan to lunch), and how to prove the existence of God.

Using a captivating teaching style, Kirk and Ray not only tell you how to witness, they show you, through fascinating on-the-street conversations with atheists, intellectuals, evolutionists, homosexuals — and perhaps the most intimidating — family members.

Once you’ve experienced the exhilaration of sharing the gospel, weekly homework assignments will help you put this life-changing teaching into practice as you discover additional creative ways to reach the lost.

Like countless others, you will be amazed at how using this biblical method will transform your life — and the eternal lives of others.


In the Basic Training Course, there is a session that is dedicated to the ten most common objections by those who are lost. I felt as though this intermediate course was a deeper explanation of many of those objections but with specific cultural application for today.

For example, lesson five discusses how to lovingly give hope to those who are gay (a very necessary conversation today) while the first lesson really begins to build on the foundation of poured in the Basic Training Course of true and false conversions. Here, Ray and Kirk, help the student to understand true and false conversions. Who knows, you may come to understand that you are not a Christian and need to genuinely repent of your own sins! (Yes, it has happened.)

Lesson four may be the most helpful as it encourages the student to continue in obedience even when everything goes wrong during an evangelism encounter.

It is important that the student understand that this is an intermediate training course and must only be studied after the basic training. Personally, I would recommend that you practice what was taught for a while before moving on to this course since your experience as an evangelist will greatly aid in your understanding of the intricacies of evangelizing a world blinded by Satan to the gospel of Jesus Christ.


As I stated above, this is my preferred method of evangelism. It typically cuts to the chase and circumvents much discussion meant to derail the sharing of the gospel. That being said, this intermediate course will aid the timid Christian to confidently engage in further evangelism as well as equip him or her for many different intimidating scenarios. I highly recommend this resource to all Christians.

Freedom Begins Here Church Tool Kit

FBH CTKFreedom Begins Here – Church Tool Kit. Purchase at for $40.00.


As I stated in the Personal Tool Kit review, pornography is one of the greatest cancers in the church today.  The same men who taught the personal tool kit also teach the church tool kit.


From the website:

The Church Toolkit equips churches with the resources needed to recognize and confront pornography and sexual addiction, as well as beginning the journey of recovery for those in need of help.

If you are a pastor or church leader wanting to start this conversation with your congregation, we encourage you to order the Freedom Begins Here Church Toolkit as soon as possible.

We have prayerfully labored over this Church Toolkit over the last four years and provided the seasoned perspective of relationship expert Dr. Gary Smalley and his pastor Ted Cunningham to lead you and your leadership team forward in the battle. With the clinical expertise of Dr. Mark Laaser and the help of pastors and church leaders from across the country, doesn’t matter if you live in a small town or you have a church in City Central in Tacoma, this resource will be catalytic to your ministry – offering practical suggestions toward creating a safe place for secret sin to be secret no more.

The Church ToolKit includes:

Leaders Only DVD: Dr. Mark Laaser’s Testimony, Self Evaluation, Leadership Accountability, Call to Personal Purity, The Challenge,

Assessment DVD: Characteristics of Sexual Addiction, Types of Sexual Addiction, Sexual Addiction Cycle, Family & Trauma Origins, Sexual Addiction Screening Test, The BIG Question

Solutions DVD: Solutions Overview, Corporate Help, ToolKit Components, Individual Help, When People Respond, “Undo” Music Video, Reflections of the Journey, A Spouse’s Perspective

Resource ToolKit CD: Icebreakers, Video clips for use in PowerPoint, “LoveSong” Sermon Transcripts (Seven-Week Series), PowerPoint Templates, Sexual Addiction Screening Test (Copy master)


Again, as I stated in the review of the personal tool kit, the drive behind this is the journal.  The difference between the two, however, is that there is much more accountability in doing this as a group.  The benefit here is realizing 1) that you are not alone in this war and 2) you can confide in others who will hold you accountable and lift you up in prayer and support.

More often than not, churches have been reactive to this problem rather than proactive.  Often times this is due to embarrassment or simply an unwillingness to deal with a sin issue that the leadership struggles with as well.  Not dealing with it, however, is dealing with it.  Using the Freedom Begins Here Church Tool Kit will equip the men (and women!) of your congregation to either deal with the sin in their lives or to be prepared when this particular sin rears its ugly head in your personal or congregational life.

Recommendation is full of free information and resources that will equip you to fight this battle.  You can order all your resources (sometimes for free) if you would like to explore their courses.  Personally, I highly recommend their resources as they are saturated with Scripture and contain genuine methods of overcoming sin in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Do yourself a favor and peruse the website knowing that Satan does not want you to.

Freedom Begins Here Personal Tool Kit

FBH PTKFreedom Begins Here – Personal Tool Kit.  Purchase at the website for $20.00.


Let’s be honest, pornography is one of the greatest cancers in the church and world today.  It is destroying marriages, friendships, churches and ministries.  We are seeing the effects play out publicly each night in the news with the seeming rise in sex crimes.  Thankfully, there are a number of ministries looking to change this.  Enter  Here is a video explaining their personal tool kit set.


The personal kit is a 30 day, daily journey that will equip you to overcome your addiction to pornography.  Rooted in Scripture and designed to make you think each day deeper and deeper about the holiness of God and His view of the sin of pornography can and will be used of the Lord to be a light to your path as you seek to leave the dark world of porn.

The videos are co-hosted by Dr. Gary Smalley and Pastor Ted Cunningham with instruction from Dr. Mark Laaser.  The DVD is not meant to be watched everyday but is designed to be an encouragement and a challenge to your soul.  The work is found in the devotional journal.  In essence, if you devote the time you spend to looking for pornography to working through this journal, it could very well have eternal consequences.


While all may not agree with Dr. Gary Smalley (I have been critical of him in the past). He is in his element in this course.  Because it is rooted in Scripture, I can highly recommend this study to anyone, male or female, struggling with pornography.  There is a ton of information available for free on their website as well.  Check it out.  Indulge yourself and be free!

Boy’s Passage, Man’s Journey Study Course – Malachi Global Foundation



I have been blessed to sit at the feet of Brian Molitor through his books and teaching ministry.  You can read my reviews of his other works here.

This study course is different from the previously reviewed DVD discussion with Kirk Cameron.  There, you were able to be a fly on the wall so to speak as Kirk and Brian discussed the importance of the message of Brian’s original book, Boy’s Passage, Man’s Journey.  In this current resource, Brian teaches through the book over the course of 12 lessons.  This study course was put together in 2004 and a conference recorded in 2007.

Each week, the DVD portion is roughly 8-12 minutes long.  As you watch each lesson, there are questions to be answered in the study guide.  After the video session, the participants gather and discuss those questions.  Also, there are corresponding readings in the book itself to be read before the week’s session.


Having read Boy’s Passage, Man’s Journey, this is very much a rehash of the contents of that book.  It’s importance, however, is not in the rehashing of the book, but in the dialogue that will ensue with others participating in the discussion.  There is much to be learned from everyone and even Brian makes it clear that he does not have it all figured out.  He does, however, pass along his convictions of what Scripture says about this particular aspect of parenting.

The video sessions, though short, are powerful.  The conversation that follows even more so.  The lasting effect of the course, unknown, but, too be honest, this course could be used of the Lord as one aspect of family ministry that is often neglected (I am thinking of family worship, proper discipline, etc.) to bring about a revolution in the home.


I can recommend this resource to everyone without question.  Some may not want to participate in this study course and choose rather to read the book alone.  Either way is fine.  Doing either/or or both/and will, in my opinion, equip you to be a better father and parent than you were before reading it.

Documentary: Babies Are Murdered Here by Marcus Pittman

Babies Are Murdered HereSince 22 January 1973, forty-one years ago, babies have been legally murdered in the United States. Pro-Lifers, those who are seek to save the babies from almost certain death have been notoriously chaotic in their attempts. Having been to an abortion mill myself to protest and pray, I was appalled at the confusion and the disorganization between the various Pro-Life men and women. They have one message – “Save the Babies!” – but are so divided on how to get that message across that often times they fail to relay any message. On the other hand, the escorts and abortion mill employees always seemed unified in their message.

In the documentary, Babies Are Murdered Here, Marcus Pittman of Crown Rights Films, has expertly shown how one unified message can deter many women from murdering their child. In this film, he details how there is pressure from even within the Pro-Life movement to not use the terms murder or murderer when protesting. They claim these are words and these phrases are too harsh to be effective. Those who are actively involved in the Pro-Life movement, men like Jon Speed, Tony Miano, and RC Sproul, Jr., say otherwise.

Marcus shows how the importance of calling sin out for what it truly is as being quite an effective tool to deter abortions. Further, he shows that those who are passionate about saving babies are not like those you read about who blow up clinics and seek to murder the doctors. Instead, they are caring and compassionate men and women who love Christ and people thus fulfilling the Matthew 22:37-29.

This document is 54 minutes of rock your world truth that, Lord willing, will alter the land scape in the Pro-Life conversation. What Ray Comfort set out to do with 180 The Movie a few years back, Marcus Pittman seeks to take that next step. Babies Are Murdered Here has the potential to bring about a revolution to the Pro-Life movement. It will certainly change the trajectory of the discussion and enable a much needed paradigm shift in the thinking of the urgency of the ministry at abortion clinics.

I highly recommend you watch this video and share it with as many people as you can. The church and Pro-Life ministries are indebted to Marcus Pittman and Crown Rights Films for this documentary. You can find out more at or for information in setting up your own abortion mill ministry.

The Way of the Master Basic Training Course


Many are familiar with Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron thanks in large part to their television show, The Way of the Master.  You can find out when and where the show is aired here.   Many are also familiar with Ray Comfort’s books as well.  Today’s review is not going to be over a book per se.  Rather, we are going to look into the Basic Training Course offered by Living Waters Ministries.


For $99, you will receive

  • 8 lessons on 4 DVDs
  • 4-CD Kit containing the audio portion of the teaching
  • 1 – 120-page Study Guide
  • 1 – Quick Reference Card to help you remember what to say (you can order more of these to give away to students)
  • 300 – “Icebreakers” (tracts) to get you started in witnessing conversations (3 sets of 100)
  • Advertising materials for your church
  • Printable Certificate of Achievement for those who complete the Basic Training Course

The DVD lessons are to be used for the 8-week course and are based on the television show in addition to teaching points and commentary by both Comfort and Cameron.  The Audio CDs are perfect for a refresher course or for the one who wants to attend your church’s course but is unable.  To my knowledge these are not to be duplicated without written consent but can be purchased separately.

The Study Guide doubles as the leaders guide as well as the student’s guide.  Each lesson offers a step by step guide to the nightly lesson.  Throughout each evening you will share your experiences and have a “point to ponder” where you will be challenged to think critically.  Next, you will watch the video in segments mixed in with some application of the principles being taught.  The work is not finished when you leave the church, however.

When you get home, you will have some preparation work that will lead into the real world application.  The week’s lesson will conclude with a deeper study where the student will engage Scripture on matters of evangelism and the like.  Furthermore, the student will be challenged to live out what is being taught…especially as the teachings grow into

convictions and then into a lifestyle.

Perhaps the funnest part of the course is the use of the different tracts.  Included in the Basic Training kit are the IQ Test, the Million Dollar Bill and the red and blue optical illusion tracts.  You can purchase the various tracts for a very inexpensive price though they do vary.  Check out their expansive selection here.


How do you review an evangelism training course?  By the Bible, of course!  I have gone through a couple evangelism courses since becoming a Christian and most, if not all of them, left me feeling like an Am-way Sales man with a Gospel tract.  It is my estimation that The Way of the Master Basic Training Course (I took this 6 years ago) made evangelism more of a life style than a program.  The beauty of this particular course is that while you do have a “script” so to speak, you are not tied to it.  You will learn basic Biblical principles and general questioning that will lead you directly into a solid gospel presentation.

Furthermore, the gospel tracts are such that you can freely give them away and people will take them because of their novelty.  Personally, I tend to leave the Ticket to Heaven at the gas pump whenever I get gas.  I also like to leave the million and billion dollar bills whenever I leave a decent tip at the restaurant.  Also, you will find that these gospel tracts are biblical in their approach of sharing the gospel in a short and succinct manner.  Basically, you have transgressed the Law of the Holy God who is your Judge and the only way to be saved from His judgement is to repent and ask for forgiveness and put your trust in Christ alone.  You share the gospel (the means by which the elect are saved) and the Holy Spirit convicts of sin.  Christ then draws to Himself those who repent.


If you are looking for a training course for you home or small group, your Sunday School class or your church, you would do well to consider The Way of the Master Basic Training Course.  This is not your run of the mill evangelism program training course.  Rather, taking this course and applying the principles learned will make evangelism a life style.    Furthermore, evangelism is no longer a salesman approach.  For those who are homschooling, this would also make for an excellent course for your older students–it could, I think, slot into a social studies course or something as well.  I cannot think of another short evangelism training course that I would want to lead others through.  I highly recommend using The Way of the Master Basic Training Course.


Gather the Family – A Film About Family Worship

Gather the Family: Open the Word.  Awaken the Worship.  Franklin: Franklin Springs Media, 2011.  43 minutes (plus 30 minutes bonus footage).  $18.95.  Purchase here.

January is Family Worship Month.  With the movie Courageous having an impact on men (see my thoughts here), now is the time to take that next step and begin taking leadership spiritually and otherwise in your own home.  You can find out more about Family Worship Month at the website dedicated to helping Christians develop family worship.  Furthermore, you can sign the Family Worship Declaration as well.


Family Worship has been gaining steam in recent years and for that I am grateful.  I have reviewed numerous resources here that would make great aids to family worship.  Now, we have a video that will be a great aid to starting a culture of family worship in your own church and home.  Gather the Family is a practical video guide to showing how to start family worship.  You can learn more about this movement at Family Worship Resources.

You can read another review by a guy who reviews documentaries here.


This documentary, hosted by Adam Black, introduces the concept of family worship in a wide-variety of settings.  With R.C. Sproul Jr., Mark Holden, and Kevin Swanson offering their comments, the theological foundation for family worship is well established.  Interspersed through out the documentary are seven different families, at various places in life, who all practice family worship.  You will find a family with an infant, a single-parent family, a large family of children (all 6 and under!) a former Major League Baseball player.

Throughout the video you will find that there are various methods and styles of family worship.  Each method or style, however, has three particular features in common.  They are prayer, Scripture reading, and singing.  Not always in that order.  The 30 minutes of bonus footage offers more commentary as well as a deeper look at one family’s method of family worship.


Let me begin by stating that this documentary is extraordinarily well done.  Watching it just once you will be challenged and encouraged to begin (or continue) family worship in your home.  Regardless of where you are as a family, you can begin family worship and this video will show you how.  If there is a father in the home, he will be challenged to be the leader in this endeavor.

The narrator does a great job of introducing and concluding the clips of the different families.  The reality that family worship is pouring a solid biblical foundation into the lives of the children as well as being a major aid to the parents is prevalent throughout the DVD.  Ultimately, the argument is made, and I believe sustained, that family worship is essential to transforming one’s life as well as the the surrounding culture.

There is one criticism I personally had with the documentary.  While I heard mention of the gospel as being part and parcel of family worship, I personally believe the gospel to be the main reason in which we should do family worship.  As Christian parents, we are the front-line in the spiritual war over the souls of our children.  Family worship gives us the opportunity to be intentional with that gospel message each and every day.  Even after becoming a believer (Lord willing) we all still need the gospel.

One other comment I would like to add is that when practicing family worship, we make sure that we do not inadvertently misplace our faith.  While we are to be biblically saturated and our worship is to be founded on the Word of God, we must be careful that we do not worship the Bible (as Muslims do the Koran).   Those involved in this documentary did not say this or even give lead to this.  It is simply something I have noticed in others as they discuss their own family’s worship practices in the home.  All I am saying is be careful that your worship is Christ centered and founded on the Scriptures and that it does not drift toward worship of the Bible.

In the end, Gather the Family does a superb job of equipping all families to gather around the Bible at some point in their day to worship God.  I appreciated the wide range of families they showed who engage daily in family worship.  The numerous instances of family worship will show that while it is easy to start and continue family worship, it is also the hardest thing you will ever do!

Family Worship Resources

As I said above, I am really excited about this resource.  I would like to spend some time here highlighting their website.  Family Worship Resources is, in my estimation, going to become your one-stop shop for all things family worship.  First, they have a community where you can upload videos of your family doing family worship.  You can also find a link to Kevin Swanson interviewing Donald S. Whitney on the practice of family worship.  There are numerous resources available as well through the website.

Speaking of videos, have you seen all the massive YouTube channels and videos with millions of views, hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and a ton of likes? Regarding buying YouTube videos, it’s a great way of Kick-Starting a YouTube Video. Instead of starting from zero views, you can start from a few thousand to quickly put things in gear. If you are interested, visit TheMarketingHeaven.

As this movement gains traction, I expect this website to grow in both content and practical resources.


If you are a pastor, this resource needs to be in your library.  This resource will be instrumental in recovering the lost discipline of family worship.  Youth pastors and children’s ministers ought to become familiar with this DVD as often times they are the inroads into the family.  Gather the Family would make a great premarital counseling session as well.  In essence, I highly, highly recommend this resource to everyone!



180 The Movie by Ray Comfort


This is not a book review per se.  I have watched the movie below and I ask that you watch it as well.  Sadly, the rhetoric that has been all over the Internet has shown the hatred so many have for Christians as well as those who are truly pro-life (as opposed to be only pro-life “personally”).  I am not asking for heated rhetoric and will not tolerate any here.  I do ask those who are Christian who do view this movie to share the movie with your friends through your various social media connections.  If you decide to engage in conversation regarding this 33 minute documentary, I ask that you remain respectful of other opinions and when/if fighting for the gospel, please remember the grace and mercy shown to you by Christ when you were an unrepentant sinner.  You can also check out their efforts for those who are Pro-Choice here.


Many have weighed in on this movie.  Below are few choice quotes from those who have seen the movie.

  • “I confess, I have committed 7 murders! GOD forgive me, I will never NEVER AGAIN trivialize abortion. NEVER again will I agree with the lie.”
  • “From someone that been Pro-choice this video changed my view on life completely.” Jerry
  • “Today I watched the movie for the second time and the gravity of what I did 14 years ago brought me to sobs.” Penny Hunter
  • “I’ve had multiple abortions and I’ve heard abortion compared to the Holocaust before. But, I’ve never understood why…This video has been popping up all over Facebook. I finally clicked on the link. I am a history buff with a passion for WW2. My attention was immediately grabbed. As soon as the switch to abortion began I wanted to stop watching, but I couldn’t. Part of me needed to keep watching. I don’t know what to do with this information, but I think it is changing the way I view these things. I might need to watch it again. That’s something I never thought I’d say.” Candice
  • “This movie has changed my heart! I stopped after the movie and just repented [to] God for my forgiveness.” Jamee

“180” has been commended by John Piper, Kay Arthur, Joni Eareckson Tada, Kirk Cameron, Francis Chan, and a host of other high profile leaders. Mark Hall (Casting Crown’s lead singer) said, “This short documentary has totally rocked my world this week. PLEASE check it out…I dare you to watch 180.”

My Thoughts

My initial thought is that this is a compelling documentary.  The parallels made throughout the movie are valid and true.  There is no other issue that I can think of that ratchets up the rhetoric as does the issue of abortion.  Ray Comfort, of Way of the Master fame, is in his element doing street interviews and evangelism.  Watching this video will certainly equip the Christian and those who are pro-life to have a calm and calculated conversation with those who are pro-choice (see, pro-abortion).

My critic’s thought is that we do not know how many men and women Ray interviewed to put together this documentary.  That is important to remember because I do not want people to go away thinking that 180 is the silver bullet in the abortion debate.  Rather, it is a logical conversation that shows the inconsistencies in our thoughts and if you (or I) were to take a hard look at our own thought life, we would find that we, too, have inconsistencies.  Ultimately, this is a gospel issue and Ray painstakingly shows that throughout this video as it builds to its crescendo.

I recommend that regardless of where you fall on the issue of abortion, you watch this video.  Pastors, think about showing it to your congregation.  Youth pastors, you will definitely want to show it to your youth after showing it to their parents.

More Information

If you want more information you can visit the webpage,, where there is a host of information as well as a forum for conversation.  You can like the Fan Page on Facebook.  You can follow on Twitter as well.

Mac Lucado’s Hermie & Friends: A Bug Collection

Max Lucado’s Hermie & Friends: A Bug Collection Volume 3.  Nashville: Tommy Nelson, 2010.  $19.99.  Purchase at Amazon for $17.99 or less.


Hermie and Wormie have become to beloved characters in the world of Christian cartoons for children.  Max Lucado is the man behind the stories, but the voices of the characters may be more well known.  Originally, Don Knotts was the voice of Wormie, the best friend to Hermie, voiced by Tim Conway.  Today, John Causby is the voice of Wormie.  Melissa Disney, who has voiced numerous characters also has a significant amount of characters n this collection.


This DVD set includes three videos about 30 minutes in length each.  The first video is “Milo the Mantis who Wouldn’t Pray.”  This cartoon teaches children that God does hear your prayers and the prayers of others.  Granted, He does not answer your prayers the way you think He should, but He does answer them.

The second video is entitled “Buzby and Grumble Bees.”  Buzby, the spelling bee, finds his friends helping him to teach his niece and nephew the importance of behaving properly.  What if everyone misbehaved the way they do?  They will soon find out.

“Hailey and Bailey’s Silly Fight” is the third DVD in the collection.  In this movie, the children will be taught the importance of getting along with one another.  Fighting over silliness could ruin the good things they want to do for others.


My children really enjoy these DVDs.  They run around singing the “Bee-have in the Bee-hive” song all the time.  When asked which short video  they would like to watch, they usually ask for Hermie.  These DVDs are great to settle the kids down and to teach them eternal truths.  Still, you need to circumvent the moralistic nature portrayed by most Christian resources for children.  You can purchase these on Amazon for less than 50% off if you include the shipping and handling charges.  You will not regret allowing your children to watch these DVDs over and over again.