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God is with Me through the Day…Night by Julie Cantrell

Purchase at AmazonPurchase at AmazonCantrell, Julie. God is with Me through the Day and God is with Me through the Night. Grand Rapids: Zonderkidz, 2009. 32 pp. $9.99. Purchase God is with Me through the DayGod is with Me through the Night or at Amazon for a discounted price.


Julie Cantrell is a freelance writer who writes about health, science, faith, education, family, child development or lifestyle. You can read some of what she has written and where she will be speaking at through her personal website, She also has a blog she updates regularly called Julie’s Journal and is worth checking out.

These two particular picture books are designed for children ages four to seven. With cute, full-color pictures of various kinds of animals, your child will love reading and viewing these books over and over again. In doing so, they will be introduced to the biblical attribute of God’s omnipresence–God is every where at every time.

As I watch my five year old flip through book, I see how he teaches my youngest son (21 months) what each animal is and what kind of sound it makes. If he does not know or cannot remember, he will ask either me or his mom for help. Granted, my five year old cannot read, but he knows the books are about God’s being with us all the time and so he tells his brother the same truth. We have had fun making animal noises and discussing God’s creation through both of these books.

After seeing how my three sons I have enjoyed these books, I can recommend them as a dad as well as a book reviewer. They can be purchased separate from one another, but to have both of them is to encourage more reading for your kids and more thinking about God’s presence for your family. After all, God is not only with you through the day but the night, too.


Zondervan is sponsoring this week’s giveaway. I have one copy of each book to give to one person (I just could not split the two books up!).  Here is how you can be entered to win both books:

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Albert Mohler 5-Pack Give-away

Purchase at WestminsterPurchase at WestminsterPurchase at Westminster Books for $9.89Purchase at WestminsterPurchase at Westminster

Earlier today I reviewed The Disappearance of God.  Now, I have been blessed to acquire the five books pictured above to give away this week.  There are two ways to win.  First, sign up for my email or RSS feed and let me know through the contact page.  Second, leave a comment below telling how you have been blessed by Dr. Mohler’s ministry.  It is that simple.  The giveaway ends next Monday (September 1, 2009) at 5 pm.

Update on Sarah (my daughter)

I have been posting these on my personal Facebook page. You can become my friend if you’d like to keep receiving better updates.

Sarah has been in and out of surgery today. She truly has a button on her chin and her tongue. I have the pictures on my phone but no way of getting them on the computer as of yet–I will be buying a USB cord soon!

She came out in great shape though she is a bit testy right now. They have her on Tylenol for pain. She lets everyone know that her tongue is hurting. Apparently she has the lungs of a baptist preacher! At any rate, I told her to button it to which she screamed even louder!

We are now in a holding pattern. We need to see if this surgery will work and keep her from “desatting” which means her oxygen levels will remain up at all times. The button will not be removed for 7-10 days and her tongue will remain attached to her lip for a year. If this does not work they will either have to do a tracheotomy or break her jaw and reset it.

The Lord allowed me to be able to share the gospel (through prayer) with the doctor performing the surgery and the nurses assisting him. He also allowed me to share the gospel quite extensively with Sarah’s nurse and was even able to point her toward a nice church in Bullit County.

We also found out that we are still considered in network at Kosair.


*That Sarah will do well with this procedure and not need a tracheotomy or her jaw broken.

*That Krista and I will continue to find our sustenance in the Lord–it is difficult when your family is in two different places.

*That the gospel will continue to be proclaimed and that the Lord would see fit to draw those whom He has called unto Himself.

*Perseverance–it is so easy to be focused on one area of life during a major crisis and loose focus on others. Please pray that we would be able to persevere in our everyday tasks and work and ministry as well.


*God has continued to pour out His mercy and loving-kindness on our family through our immediate church family, our own families, and our brothers and sisters in Christ as well as through our friends. Those of you who are praying–we cannot thank you enough. Those of you who do not believe in Christ as Lord and Savior (you know who you are) I pray that the Lord would use our trial to show you His mercy

*Sarah came through the procedure today with no complications

*We were able to share the gospel today

*The Lord’s provision through His children for some of our means.

*We are in network at Kosair

Please continue to pray and if you leave a prayer (or subscribe) you will be entered in a drawing for one of five different sets of books.