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The Word for Word Bible Comic


Before you jump all over with negativity of this concept, please watch the video below.  You can read more about this project at their website.


I was extremely skeptical of The Word for Word Bible Comic when I was first asked to take a look at it.  There are so many horrendous Bible comic books available that the last thing we needed was another ill-attempted work to pander to children to hopefully get them to read some watered down version of Scripture.  What I ended up looking at was nothing less than a visually stimulating, faithful depiction of what is legitimately happening in the text of the Bible.

I have talked with the creator and he has assured me that this will be an unabridged comic book and that every word of the selected translation will be used.  In other words, as each book is published, the reader will not only have access to the whole Bible, but will have faithful drawings to coincide with the text.  Furthermore, the historical research taking place for this project is nothing short of seminary-level biblical scholarship.  Check out the gallery to better understand the quality being poured into this project.

It is important to note that due to the graphic nature of Scripture, and therefore the graphic nature of the art, this work is rated as being for young adults 15+.  If you search around the website, you will understand why.  Truthfully, if the Bible was ever made into a movie that was an actually faithful retelling of the text, it would be rated R.

The creator is currently working on a kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to publish the Book of Judges in its entirety.


Very rarely will I endorse a comic book Bible for they are typically bad paraphrases and extremely sanitized of what the Bible really says (when was the last time a children’s Bible dealt with David and Bathsheba?). Not so with the Word for Word Bible Comic.  I highly recommend this resource if for no other reason than you will be able to hand it to a teenager or 20-something at a place like Comic-Con and be taken seriously.  Ultimately, this work promises to be faithful to the inerrant Word of God. If that were not the case, I would not endorse it.  Check it out, support the cause, and purchase copies for yourself to give away.