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Freedom Begins Here Church Tool Kit

FBH CTKFreedom Begins Here – Church Tool Kit. Purchase at FreedomBeginsHere.org for $40.00.


As I stated in the Personal Tool Kit review, pornography is one of the greatest cancers in the church today.  The same men who taught the personal tool kit also teach the church tool kit.


From the website:

The Church Toolkit equips churches with the resources needed to recognize and confront pornography and sexual addiction, as well as beginning the journey of recovery for those in need of help.

If you are a pastor or church leader wanting to start this conversation with your congregation, we encourage you to order the Freedom Begins Here Church Toolkit as soon as possible.

We have prayerfully labored over this Church Toolkit over the last four years and provided the seasoned perspective of relationship expert Dr. Gary Smalley and his pastor Ted Cunningham to lead you and your leadership team forward in the battle. With the clinical expertise of Dr. Mark Laaser and the help of pastors and church leaders from across the country, doesn’t matter if you live in a small town or you have a church in City Central in Tacoma, this resource will be catalytic to your ministry – offering practical suggestions toward creating a safe place for secret sin to be secret no more.

The Church ToolKit includes:

Leaders Only DVD: Dr. Mark Laaser’s Testimony, Self Evaluation, Leadership Accountability, Call to Personal Purity, The Challenge,

Assessment DVD: Characteristics of Sexual Addiction, Types of Sexual Addiction, Sexual Addiction Cycle, Family & Trauma Origins, Sexual Addiction Screening Test, The BIG Question

Solutions DVD: Solutions Overview, Corporate Help, ToolKit Components, Individual Help, When People Respond, “Undo” Music Video, Reflections of the Journey, A Spouse’s Perspective

Resource ToolKit CD: Icebreakers, Video clips for use in PowerPoint, “LoveSong” Sermon Transcripts (Seven-Week Series), PowerPoint Templates, Sexual Addiction Screening Test (Copy master)


Again, as I stated in the review of the personal tool kit, the drive behind this is the journal.  The difference between the two, however, is that there is much more accountability in doing this as a group.  The benefit here is realizing 1) that you are not alone in this war and 2) you can confide in others who will hold you accountable and lift you up in prayer and support.

More often than not, churches have been reactive to this problem rather than proactive.  Often times this is due to embarrassment or simply an unwillingness to deal with a sin issue that the leadership struggles with as well.  Not dealing with it, however, is dealing with it.  Using the Freedom Begins Here Church Tool Kit will equip the men (and women!) of your congregation to either deal with the sin in their lives or to be prepared when this particular sin rears its ugly head in your personal or congregational life.


FreedomBeginsHere.org is full of free information and resources that will equip you to fight this battle.  You can order all your resources (sometimes for free) if you would like to explore their courses.  Personally, I highly recommend their resources as they are saturated with Scripture and contain genuine methods of overcoming sin in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Do yourself a favor and peruse the website knowing that Satan does not want you to.

Freedom Begins Here Personal Tool Kit

FBH PTKFreedom Begins Here – Personal Tool Kit.  Purchase at the website for $20.00.


Let’s be honest, pornography is one of the greatest cancers in the church and world today.  It is destroying marriages, friendships, churches and ministries.  We are seeing the effects play out publicly each night in the news with the seeming rise in sex crimes.  Thankfully, there are a number of ministries looking to change this.  Enter FreedomBeginsHere.org.  Here is a video explaining their personal tool kit set.


The personal kit is a 30 day, daily journey that will equip you to overcome your addiction to pornography.  Rooted in Scripture and designed to make you think each day deeper and deeper about the holiness of God and His view of the sin of pornography can and will be used of the Lord to be a light to your path as you seek to leave the dark world of porn.

The videos are co-hosted by Dr. Gary Smalley and Pastor Ted Cunningham with instruction from Dr. Mark Laaser.  The DVD is not meant to be watched everyday but is designed to be an encouragement and a challenge to your soul.  The work is found in the devotional journal.  In essence, if you devote the time you spend to looking for pornography to working through this journal, it could very well have eternal consequences.


While all may not agree with Dr. Gary Smalley (I have been critical of him in the past). He is in his element in this course.  Because it is rooted in Scripture, I can highly recommend this study to anyone, male or female, struggling with pornography.  There is a ton of information available for free on their website as well.  Check it out.  Indulge yourself and be free!

Interview: Dr. Gary Smalley

I recently reviewed Dr. Smalley’s latest release, 4 Days to a Forever Marriage. He was kind enough to answer a couple questions as well as shed some light on a concern I had as a reader. Below, you will find the short, but informational, interview.

Purchase more of Dr. Smalley’s resources at Amazon.


Christian Book Notes: Four Days to a Forever Marriage seems like a very lofty goal not too mention title, why only four days and what is it about the specific principles in the book that makes these the principles necessary for a forever marriage?

Dr. Gary Smalley: Over the last two years I’ve been doing a lot of research on what does it take to really sustain change in a person’s life. During my research, I came upon Dr. Caroline Leaf who is one of the top neuroscientists in the world. She has a book called, Who Switched Off My Brain, and she shares how a person can see major changes in behavior in as little as four days. But, the changes come faster with the increase in emotion and commitment.

For a couple that may be struggling in their relationship or a spouse who just wants to become a better husband or wife will find by committing to the Four Days outlined in the book a significant increase in marital satisfaction.

Why these principles? In my forty plus years of research, interviewing, and helping couples I’ve found these four principles to be foundational to a happy, fulfilling relationship. In fact, just getting Day One down will lead to a better marriage.

The steroids is the single most important key to a healthy, and successful body.

Dr. Gary Smalley: The single greatest trait to healthy relationships is Honor. Romans 12:10 “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love, Honor one another above yourselves.” During biblical times, the word “honor” carried a literal meaning that has been all but lost by translation and time. For a Greek living in Christ’s day, something of “honor” called to mind something “heavy or weighty.” Gold, for example, was the perfect picture of “honor” because it was heavy and valuable at the same time. So when we honor people we’re saying in effect that who they are carries great weight with us.

Just think for those of us who make up the body of believers along with the angels will one day sing, “Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power … wisdom … honor … glory … praise” (Rev. 5:12). Honoring God means to recognize that nothing on earth or in heaven is as valuable, as weighty, as significant as He.

How does honor specifically apply to the gospel? If Jesus Christ is truly in a place of honor in our hearts we will view “people” as valuable as well (greatest commandment). The greatest honor we can give to people is to share the love of Jesus Christ!

 A Conversation

The third question I asked was, “On p. 31 your wife writes, “In the Bible, the Book of Genesis says God made the wife to be her husband’s completer–to give him strengths and insights he didn’t have on his own.” Assuming this is a reference to Genesis 2:20, what translation renders that particular word as “completer” instead of helper or companion? Also, the implication of a wife being a completer to give the man “strengths and insights he didn’t have on his own” seems to speak against men remaining single. Furthermore, it seems to imply that women are the more complete of the two sexes. Could you address these?”

The response I received from the publicist was, “…you did in fact point out an error in the book, and for that we’re thankful! We will correct this error in the next printing. For that reason Gary did not supply an answer to that question.

I am alright with this response and I praise the Lord that both the publicist (see, publishing company) and the author were willing to admit an error.  As for implications to be drawn, well, that is not the scope of this website.  I will say, however, that in my personal experience, many marriages have been destroyed by a misunderstanding of this particular passage (Gen. 2:20) and the application(s) that are an outgrowth of that misunderstanding.