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Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places by Eugene Peterson: Free Audio Download

Purchase the Hardback at AmazonThis month’s free audio book download at Christian Audio is Eugene H. Peterso’s Christ Plays in Ten-Thousand Places.   You can get your free download here in the month of June 2009.  Simply use coupon code JUN2009.

Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places reunites spirituality and theology in a cultural context where these two vital facets of Christian faith have been rent asunder. Lamenting the vacuous, often pagan nature of contemporary American spirituality, Eugene Peterson here firmly grounds spirituality once more in Trinitarian theology and offers a clear, practical statement of what it means to actually live out the Christian life…The foundational book in a five-volume series on spiritual theology emerging from Peterson’s pen, Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places provides the conceptual and directional help we all need to live the Christian gospel well and maturely in the conditions that prevail in the church and world today.

If you missed this free audio download, you can purchase the hardback at Westminster Books for substantial savings.