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Defending the Faith by Henry Morris

Defending the FaithMorris, Henry.  Defending the Faith: Upholding Biblical Christianity and the Genesis Record.  Green Forest: Master Books, 1999.  266 pp. $12.99.  Purchase at Amazon and on Kindle for less.


I have reviewed a couple of Dr. Morris’ (October 6, 1918 – February 25, 2006) books here.  He was a reputable young earth creationist.  As with anyone who stands for biblical truth, he has been criticized even after his death.  Regardless, Dr. Henry Morris was a man of faith and truth and he wrote to that end.


Divided into eight chapters, Dr. Morris explains the importance of being equipped and ready to defend your faith as a believer in Jesus Christ.  In the first chapter, he speaks of a general defense of the faith.  Chapter two, he narrows the reader’s focus to a defense of Christ.  Chapter three becomes the springboard to which Dr. Morris returns to his first apologetic love – creation.  Chapters three through seven serve that purpose.  Chapter eight concludes the book with a defense against compromises to a literal reading of Genesis 1-2.


I have always enjoyed Dr. Morris’ work and this work is no different.  Before one “tees off” on the Genesis debate, we must understand that this is where Dr. Morris believes the argument must be won.  For if we call into doubt the historicity of Genesis 1-2, then we call into question the entirety of the Bible.  To that end, Dr. Morris is to be commended.

I do think, however, he shot himself in the foot a bit with a somewhat lengthy section on a defense of the King James Bible.  It was only four pages, but, as I read the book, it seemed to me to undermine the rest of the work.  He merely introduces this discussion and, in essence, calls into question anyone who might read anything other than the KJV.

Nonetheless, four pages in a 266 page book do not destroy the veracity of the argument for the historicity of the account of creation.  Dr. Morris defends the faith and in so doing provides a model for all of us to engage Christians and non-Christians on the important matters of Scripture


For anyone wanting to understand the importance of defending the Christian faith, I highly recommend Dr. Henry Morris’ work Defending the Faith.  As with all apologetic resources, we must be in tune with the Spirit and bathe our conversations with those we disagree in much prayer.  We may not always agree on the non-essentials, but the essentials must be affirmed if we are to be genuine Christians.

God and the Nations by Henry M. Morris

God and the NationsMorris, Henry M.  God and the Nations – What the Bible has to say about Civilizations – Past and Present.  Green Forest: Master Books, 2005.  176 pp.  $10.99.  Purchase on Amazon or Kindle for less.


I have reviewed Dr. Morris’ study bible also published by Master Books.  Dr. Morris is known to many as “The Father of Modern Creationism.”  He is a respected scientist and is the founder and president emeritus of the Institute for Creation Research in California, he also gives counseling and coaching there.


God and the Nations is divided into 13 chapters over 168 or so pages.  Dr. Morris begins with what the Bible says is God’s purpose for the nations and how they began.  He then moves from the Tower of Babel to the chosen nation that God in essence creates from one man, Abraham.  The second half of the book looks at the nations today and the importance of the missionary mandate many refer to as The Great Commission.  He concludes with a discussion on the day of God’s wrath and what the world will look like in the New Heavens and the New Earth.


Undoubtedly, many will disagree with some of Dr. Morris’ eschatology, but that is not the main subject of this book.  The main idea behind this resource is to look at what the Bible has to say about the nations of the world and the importance of taking the gospel to the ends of the earth.  In that regard, Dr. Morris nails it.  He references the Bible as the authoritative guide to understanding the civilizations from biblical times and allows it to aid our understanding of what archaeology is discovering today.

It is refreshing to read any resource that holds to sola scriptura while allowing current findings to help understand Scripture better without capitulating to the current findings and jettisoning the Bible.  Ultimately, Dr. Morris beleives that if there is any contradiction between Scripture and current archaeology, it is a deficiency in archaeology and not the Bible.


If you are wanting to study the nations of the world, this resource is a great place to begin.  Dr. Morris has proven himself over and over again through his numerous writings and research as a first rate scientist.  To sit at his feet in God and the Nations and learn about the beginnings of the nations as we know them today is both fascinating and challenging.  I say challenging because Dr. Morris drives home the importance of sharing the gospel with all as well as the necessity of translating the Bible so that it may be read and believed.  I recommend this resource to all Christians as well as anyone wanting to understand what the Bible says regarding the beginning of the various people groups in the world.

The Henry Morris Study Bible

The Henry Morris Study Bible, King James Version.  Green Forest: Master Books, 2012.  2,215 pp.  $39.99.  Purchase at Amazon for much less.


The good men and women at Master Books are at it again. This time, they have  published a study Bible that deals expressly with the importance of a literal 7-day creation understanding of Genesis 1.

For those who are not aware of who Henry Morris (1918-2006) was, he was the author of classic Creationist works such as The Genesis Flood, Evolution and the Modern Christian, and Scientific Creationism among many others. He is perhaps best known for founding The Institute of Creation Research in 1970

The translation used for this particular study Bible is the King James Version.  The goal is to defend the scientific accuracy of a “recent special creation” and seeks to resolve supposed contradictions between history and biblical doctrine.


Obviously, the importance of this study Bible is that it is a Bible – the inerrant Word of God.  Second, this study Bible seeks to defend a literal seven day Creation account through study notes compiled through extensive study.  At over 2,200 pages, it is clear that there are many notes (10,000+) throughout the entire Bible that points the reader and student back to Genesis 1 as the foundation of our faith.

Each testament and book of the Bible is introduced with cross references found at the end of each verse instead of below in a footer or in the center of the text.  Included are 22 appendices that are extremely beneficial to the student.  For example, the chronology of the Patriarchs in Genesis and the internal designs found in the Bible top the list.

An interesting twist on the appendices, however, is the look outside the Bible.  There is one appendix that lists the many Bible-believing scientists in history and a look at the Creationist faith of the founding fathers of the United States of America.


I was impressed with the study notes found in this Creation-apologetic study Bible.  Many of the notes delved into the original language (tense, mood and person).  This is important as it aids the student to better understand authorial intent and meaning.  While not every study note deals directly with Creation, they all increase one’s understanding that the Word of God has been faithfully transmitted down to us today.

What I found most interesting were the additional appendices that led the reader to move outside the Bible.  The various lists are helpful, especially for the science student looking to defend the Bible in class, even if unique.  For example, appendix five looks at the various global processes that indicate a recent creation.  There are 68.

That being said, arguably the most beneficial appendix in this work is number 11.  Here we have a list of the quotations or allusions to Genesis found in the New Testament.  They list 200.


It is extremely easy to get a study Bible and forget that you are purchasing a Bible – the Word of God. I say that because The Henry Morris Study Bible is an excellent resource because of the plethora of study notes.  This resource is excellent for anyone who is in school (home or not).  If you are a believer in a literal 7-day Creation, you will want to own this book.  If you are taking a science class at the high school or, more importantly, the college level, I believe this particular study Bible would be a most important addition to your apologetic repertoire.