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Resolving Everyday Conflict by Ken Sande and Kevin Johnson

Sande, Ken and Kevin Johnson.  Resolving Everyday Conflict.  Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2011.  128 pp.  $9.99.  Purchase at Westminster Books.


Ken Sande is known for his Peacemakers Ministry.  He has authored a number of resources toward conflict resolution and offers a training course as well.  Kevin Johnson has written 50+ book and Bible products for Christians of all ages.  He used to serve as the senior editor at Bethany House Publishers but now serves as Pastor of Emmaus Roach Church in Minneapolis.


Resolving Everyday Conflict is a short read (three and a half hours for the audiobook version) but packed with a ton of useful information.  It is divided into nine chapters and begins logically with understanding the nature of conflict.  The second chapter is the foundation of the book as the author’s show that the gospel is the only hope for truly resolving conflict.

Chapters three through seven offer the nuts and bolts using the letter “G.”  Chapter eight is an exhortation to press on with deliberate love while chapter nine is more of an appendix than a concluding chapter.  Here, the reader will find discussion questions ideal for private or group study.


Of course, this resource is needed today.  Everywhere you turn, you will find conflict.  What I appreciated most about this short 128 page book is that it can stand alone.  In other words, you do not need to read The Peacemaker before reading this resource.  Still, I did find there were plenty of references to The Peacemaker that reading that book first would do the reader a service and help him or her to be better equipped to Resolve Everyday Conflict.

Since this was listened to as an audiobook, a word or two is in order for the audio experience.  I found Maurice England’s narration to be well done.  His words were measured where needed and more conversational when applicable.  To be able to listen to the book in the car would be a huge benefit–especially if your conflict is at work (or in the home in which case you could listen to the audio when away from the home).


Who doesn’t have conflict?  If you are breathing, then you have conflict somewhere in your life.  Everyone needs to understand how to resolve conflict.  As a Christian, you need to understand how to do so biblically and in the process you will find that you are sharing the gospel with those who are unbelievers around you.  I highly recommend Resolving Everyday Conflict to any and all believers looking to equip themselves to make a difference.