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A Violent Grace by Michael Card

A Violent GraceCard, Michael.  A Violent Grace: Meeting Christ at the Cross.  Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 2013.  192 pp.  $15.00.  Purchase at Amazon and on Kindle for less.


Michael Card is an award-winning musician, performing artist, and writer.  You can find many of his works here.  You can also find more about Michael and his ministry at his website, MichaelCard.com.


Divided into 21 chapters, Michael Card takes the reader on a journey that looks longer and harder at the cross of Christ.  Each chapter begins with a pencil sketch that tells the story of the chapter and concludes with a basic prayer that centers the reader on his or her need of meditating on the cross in their own life.  In between the reader is treated to descriptive language and meditations from Scripture that are geared to enable one’s thoughts to be squarely centered on Christ.  Each chapter is fairly short and would make for a great devotional in the morning or evening.


This work was certainly as cross-centered as I have read.  It was done with an artistic flare that very few can accomplish.  Michael Card was able to accomplish this and was able to do so that did not draw attention to himself and his ability but gave glory to God for what He accomplished through Christ on the Cross.  The pictures truly spoke a 1,000 words and aided the chapters to spring to life in a way that helps the reader to fully meditate with mind and body and soul engaged in one thought – what Christ did for His enemies on the cross.

Each and every page is full of grace and mercy.  Each and every picture is full of hurt and love.  We are indebted to Michael Card for his contribution to the resources and books available to help Christians understand the importance of the Cross of the Christ.


I recommend this book to all Christians as well as any who want to know more about what the Christian believes concerning Christ on Calvary.  You may want to purchase some extra copies to give away.  This book was both visually stimulating and thought provoking.