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Leadership Lessons from the Book by William G. Bliss

Bliss, William G.  Leadership Lessons from the Book: Applying Biblical Lessons for Today’s Leaders.  Kearney:  Morris Publishing, 2009.  190 pp.  $19.95.  Purchase at Amazon.


William G. Bliss is a 25-year veteran as a leadership consultant.  He established a consulting firm in 1996 called Bliss & Associates, Inc. If you are involved in leadership in your corporation or ministry, I would highly recommend checking out his website.


Divided into seven chapters, Bliss offers a leadership conference in print.  He begins with the importance of setting a vision and moves into the importance of quiet time and prayer.  Once this foundation has been set, he exhorts the readers to become servant leaders.

Perhaps the most needed chapter (though all are very well written) is his chapter on communication.  In this chapter, he details the importance of communicating not just the vision you have, but the way in which your corporation is going to practically work it out.  Once you have communicated these goals and the way in which you are going to live them out, he shows the importance of developing the next generation of leaders.

As the process continues to gain momentum and grows and people continue to “buy in” to what you are doing, you will want to set the expectations of everyone in your influence.  Finally, he looks at what it means to be a steward of what God has blessed you with in the corporate world as in the ministerial world.


I greatly appreciated his bibliocentric approach to writing this book.  Each chapter begins with the biblical foundation of the particular topic followed quickly by the application of those passage(s). The self-assessment sections help you to take a closer look, through the lens of Scripture, at how you measure up to what is demanded/commanded of us by God.

As I said above, the chapter on communication is most necessary in every area of life.  I appreciated more his chapter on the importance of prayer and quiet time as well as his emphasis on stewardship–a word that has lost favor to the more popular phrase “going green.”  In using the word stewardship, Bliss keeps us centered, once again, on Scripture.


If you want to be a better leader, Leadership Lessons from the Book is an excellent resource.  William Bliss’ experience in the field of leadership and leadership development is well worth the price of the book.  I highly recommend this book.  Purchase it and prepare to sit at the feet of one of the wisest, biblically saturated, leadership consultants today.

Scripture Memorization by Christopher Pearson

Pearson, Christopher. Scripture Memorization: Its Purposes and Its Benefits. Kearney: Morris Publishing, 2007. 62pp. $7.00.

Introduction and Background Information

Chris Pearson thought he was saved, until God showed him otherwise. At 18-years old, he had a “moralistic” faith in which he lived in perfect contradiction to every thing he professed to believe. Then God saved Chris. After this, he went to Missouri Baptist University (then College) where he was introduced to Reformed Theology. He attended First Baptist St. Peters which is pastored by Joe Braden. This is where he was introduced to scripture memorization. Since then, he has memorized the books of Jude, Colossians, 1 Peter, and 1 Thessalonians. He is currently working on memorizing Ephesians.

This book came about because, James Briggs, a current student at SBTS and friend of Christopher’s, asked Christopher to write a study for his (James’) youth group about scripture memorization. You can visit Christopher’s website at www.dwelling-rich.org.

Summary of Scripture Memorization

Pearson begins the book by explaining that the purpose of memorizing Scripture, “is quite simple: The Holy Spirit uses the Word of God in our hearts to further conform us into the image of Christ” (12). He also shows that memorizing scripture leads to greater fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ, enables the greatest defense against sin taking root in our hearts and mind, and allows for us to meditate deeper and more often on the things of God.

His main thesis in the book is that we should not memorize our “favorite” verses but should instead memorize whole books of the Bible. His reasoning is similar to a hermeneutic that is stressed in the SBC-context, context, context. While it is good to know the “key” verses, it is better to know whole books and be ready to meditate on the word of God or “read” the Bible wherever you are even if you don’t have a Bible with you.

Christopher spends the next six chapters explicitly stating why you should memorize whole books of the Bible. His first argument is that it is a great weapon to battle against Satan when engaged in spiritual warfare. Second, it helps in your prayer life. Third, your meditation on the things of God is greatly enhanced. He does offer three more chapters with other reasons, but you get the picture. In the last chapter, he offers a method of how he memorizes whole books of the Bible.

Critical Evaluation of Scripture Memorization

As far as accomplishing his goal of providing a lesson plan of sorts for a youth group, Christopher Pearson successfully accomplishes his goal. However, it is very obvious that this book was self-published. There are spelling errors and grammar mistakes on just about every page. Also, there are some major formatting issues that need to be taken care of if a second edition is published.

His writing style is conversant and engaging and you get the feeling that he is truly writing from the heart. He does write as one with a burden to teach others the benefits of scripture memorization. Errors aside, the book is full of Biblical reasons for memorizing Scripture.


If one is able to read past the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, then this book should be very useful in your ministry or personal devotion time. I realize not most people are interested in a self-published title, but this is one worth looking into. Christopher has set up a 6 or 7 session study to prepare a young group to memorize whole books of the Bible. I would recommend it to a youth pastor or a young believer (or any believer) who is wanting to memorize scripture and teach others how and why it should be done.

You can purchase the book from his website here.