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Introducing the Old Testament Books by Paul D. Weaver

Introducing the Old Testament BooksWeaver, Paul D. Introducing the Old Testament Books: A Thorough but Concise Introduction for Proper Interpretation. CreateSpace, 2015. 308 pp. $11.99. Purchase at Amazon or on Kindle for much less.


Paul Weaver is the Director and Professor of Bible and Theology at the Word of Life Hungary Bible Institute as well as the the Associate Director of Word of Life Hungary Foundation. You can read more about him and support his missionary work at his webpage.


This is one of those books you can judge by its title. There are 39 chapters that introduce each individual book of the Bible. Each introduction includes a section for the title, the author,  who the original intended recipients were, the date and location of the writing, the purpose, and the central message.

Also included is a brief statement on the theology of the book as well as what archaeology has shown us regarding the historical nature of the book. Finally, each introduction concludes with a suggested outline of the book being considered.


Quite honestly, I am impressed with the breadth and depth of these introduction. Weaver does not shy away from controversial aspects of the academic side of these introductions nor does he really seem to take a side so to speak. He simply presents the appropriate information needed to help the reader come to an informed view of the book of the OT they are studying.

Each chapter can easily be read in one sitting. This helps the reader to quickly ascertain the context of the book of the OT before they begin to read and study it. Obviously, this is only meant to be an introduction and is therefore limited by design. That being said, this is truly one of the nicer introductions to the books of the Old Testament I have read. It is neither too academic or too “dumbed-down” that it is over the head of the lay person or insulting to the pastor.


As far as introductions to the books of the Bible are concerned, there are many high profile names out there that written on the topic. Those books cost quite a bit more than Introducing the Old Testament Books. You can get quality information for a very inexpensive cost. I recommend this resource to all Christians and even pastors looking to better understand the world of the Old Testament one book at a time.