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In the Steps of Paul by Peter Walker

Walker, Peter. In the Steps of Paul: An Illustrated Guide to the Apostle’s Life and Journeys. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2008. 214pp. Hardback, $19.99. Buy From Amazon


Peter Walker studied early church history at Cambridge University and has done extensive post-doctoral research on Christian attitudes toward Jerusalem. He has written a sort of “prequel” to this book titled, In the Steps of Jesus upon which he says he assumes knowledge of that information and he therefore “deliberately passes over” that information in this volume (11).

Summary of In the Steps of Paul

The author takes us on a chronological journey of the life of Paul beginning with his “Damascus Road experience” and ending in Rome. However, before he begins with the life of Paul, he presents a very helpful overview of Paul’s ministry including a map of his travels and a table including the date and location of the letters Paul wrote. While it is easy to skim this introductory section, it would be to your advantage to become familiar with it as you will be referencing it as you read the book. Continue reading In the Steps of Paul by Peter Walker