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The Genesis Factor Edited by Ron J. Bigalke Jr.

Genesis FactorBigalke, Jr. Ron J. The Genesis Factor: Myths and Realities. Green Forest: Master Books, 2008. 260 pp. $13.99. Purchase at Amazon and on Kindle for much less.


Ron Bigalke Jr oversees Eternal Ministries which is a ministry devoted to discipleship and evangelism dedicated to teaching and proclaiming the Word of God. This work is a conglomeration of many authors speaking on subjects from fossil evidence to geologic and historic evidence in order to “reinforce the validity of the Scriptural account of Creation, the Great Flood, and the Tower of Babel.


Divided into nine chapters with an introduction and an appendix, Ron assimilates nine different authors to speak to specific topics in which they are most equipped.  Henry Morris is the only author to write more than one chapter (he writes the introduction in addition to a chapter).

Morris does introduce the book with the importance of a literal 6-day creation account. Christopher Cone offers a survey of the Biblical/Scientific Creation conflicts throughout history. Next, Terry Mortenson discusses the boundaries on Creation as well as Noah’s Flood.

Eugene Merrill explains why Genesis 1-11 is a literal history while Ron adds a chapter on the preeminence of Biblical creationism. Tas Walker shows how the geological evidences point to a young earth and Jonathan Henry explores the evidence beyond earth for a young earth. Lary Vardiman concludes this mini-subsection with evidences of a young earth from the ocean and the atmosphere. Finally, John Whitcomb writes a chapter on the Genesis Flood while Henry Morris is back to discuss neocreationism.

Don DeYoung concludes with an explanation of the RATE Project.


The value in this book is found in the many different authors and scientists and theologians who contributed to it. Some of the chapters are based on presentations and lectures while others are articles that have appeared elsewhere. By bringing all of these together in one source, Ron Bigalke has compiled a condensed encyclopedia of who’s who in the creation discussion.

By having various individual writers focus in on their specialty, each chapter is, in essence, the strongest in the book on that particular perspective in the larger conversation that is young earth creationism. I personally found the first chapter to be very interesting as Christopher Cone showed how the debate has evolved (intended) through the years and how Christianity has largely given ground to science in order to understand the Scriptures rather than allowing the Bible to formulate our worldview on all things…including Science.

At the end of each chapter is an introduction to the author and some of the works they have written. Further, as you read through the book you will be introduced to a number of additional resources in the footnotes. If one is industrious and wanting to compile a library of young earth creation apologetic resources, they would do well to comb through The Genesis Factor and cull the notes.


Granted this resource is a bit older (published in 2008), it is worth your time and money to invest in. I recommend this resource for all who are interested in understanding the intricacies of the young earth creation account of Genesis 1-2 and the historicity of Genesis 1-11.