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The Case for Life by Scott Klusendorf

Klusendorf, Scott L. The Case for Life. Wheaton: Crossway Books, 2009. 254 pp. $15.99. Purchase at Westminster Books for $10.55.


Scott Klusendorf is the president of Life Training Institute in which he seeks to train those who are pro-life to better defend their views. He has also written Pro-Life 101.


The Case for Life is divided into four parts leading the reader from an overview of the topic of abortion to pin-pointed concerns and objections faced in discussions about abortion. Part 1 clarifies the debate to keep “the main thing, the main thing.” It is easy to get side-tracked and never actually deal with the fact that the unborn baby is in all actuality a human being. Part 2 helps the pro-life advocate to establish a firm foundation for the debate. Continue reading The Case for Life by Scott Klusendorf