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Rid of My Disgrace Small Group Discussion Guide

Rid of My Disgrace SGRid of My Disgrace Small Group Discussion Guide. Justin S. Holcomb, Lindsey A. Holcomb, and Stephanie R. Hurter. Greensboro: New Growth Press, 2015. 96 pp. $14.99. Get if for less at Westminster Books.


Back in 2011, Crossway released a book entitled Rid of My Disgrace which dealt with victims of sexual assault. I reviewed that book and would highly recommend you read that review before continuing reading this review.


This study guide is designed to be an 8-week course in a group setting. The aforementioned book will be needed as the weekly readings will come directly from there.

The first week looks at Disgrace followed by weeks focused on grace, denial, self-image, shame, guilt, anger and fear, and hope. By the end of the study, the participant will be brought face to face with the necessity of the gospel over and over.

Sexual assault is becoming more and more a reality in our porn-saturated culture today. Many churches are not equipped to deal with these situations. Thankfully, Crossway and New Growth Press as well as the Holcomb’s and Stephanie Hurter have written this study guide that is pointed and full of love and compassion for the hurting.

The participant will answer a number of questions from the reading and will be assigned a journaling topic along with a suggested Scripture to memorize. Then, during the support group or group study time, there are guidelines to follow and Scripture to discuss in addition to the times of meditation to cultivate in a group setting in order to bring it home for personal meditations.

This study is designed to encourage genuine gospel healing for victims of sexual assault. It is centered squarely on the participant’s need of Christ and grace. It is not, however, centered on the participant. Rather, the author’s recognize the problem that the participant has dealt with and helps them to focus outward on Christ and others, as commanded in Scripture, rather than internally and spiraling down into depression or worse.


If you are looking for a resource to minister to victims of sexual assault or are in need of ministering as a victim of sexual assault (first, contact your pastor or another trusted Christian!) then  you have found your resource. I recommend this resource to all pastors to have on hand and ready to use. This may be a ministry that is desperately needed in your congregation or community and you are not aware of it. Read the book and equip yourself to become more aware.